My fucked up story (18+) episode 3

My fucked up story (18+) episode 3

February 11, 2017 My fucked up story, Uncategorized
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Justice hwfa”
” Chioma what a surprise” she laughed and hit me slightly on the chest..
” you think I will never come” she said after staring deep into my eye with a very seductive smile. Without waiting for me to offer seat, she settled down on my foam immediately.
” Justice you mean you live all alone in this house”
” yea, its no big deal” I replied while I try to go get a bottle of mineral for her,
” come back where do you think you are going, you want to live me here?”
” No”
” dont even think of leaving me because you will not see me by the time you will return”
” haba chioma, I wont waste time, just chill” as I made to open the door and dash down the street to get her stuffs she held me and drag me in.
” What did you cook, mr. Bachelor ?”
” just indomie but, none is left now, you know you don’t leave indomie for too longer because you might not eat it again, but don’t worry let me cook another one for you”
” No I am not hungry” she picks one novel I was reading before I slept and started going through it, it wasn’t long she dropped it and start going through my photo album, all this while I was secretly accessing her through the very tight dress she wore, the dress left everything to behold, chai I thought this girl was a good girl, which kind temptation be this one, all this while I was trying to hide the bulge in my trouser,
” I will soon go justice, whats the time”she came closer to where I was lieing and lay beside me, intentionally making leg contact with me. Ah don die ! Omo See gbege …..


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