My fucked up story (18+)  episode 8

My fucked up story (18+) episode 8

February 15, 2017 My fucked up story, Uncategorized
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The school dismissal that day gave me a great joy, we went home together as He coninued giving me gists about girls and how you need to meet them with boldness and scatter their lives with any lie you can lay hands on, I am not the type that tell lies, so that part doesnt go down well with me.
” haba emeka must you tell lies to get them, is there no other way?”
” see girls hate it when you are honest to them……”

” and they hate it if they find out you are lieing either” sounding witty

” atleast you can blow the lie to get down their panties after that you backoff”

” this guy you be criminal oo ” I managed to say jokingly
” Justice you too dey dull yourself, almost all the girls in our class are crushing on you but you seem not to be aware ”

” really? ”

” na only book you sabi, live this one for us okay, you think I be small pikin for this game…..,
now meet her with boldness, tell her what she wants to hear thats all”

” alright thank you, I will try this stunt on my new crush ”

” who is that? What about chioma, I hardly see both of you together again, are you people quarelling ?”

” its a long story my brother”
” hmmmm ” he gave me a suspicious look. And besides I don’t want to talk about that with him.He is a talkative lest I hear it somewhere else.
We arrived at a red gate, emeka’s girlfriend who attends a private secondary school in our area lives here, she lives alone with her grandmother. Emeka knocked and an average height girl opened the gate, actually its my first time of seeing her, she is very fair and slim,beautiful but not as beautiful as my new crush Blessing, moderate boobs and ass not too huge , everything is normal.
” wow, Emeka na who be this omaricha (fine boy) with you, Is he your friend? ”
” linda its too early for that kind question, okay…yes he is my classmate and my friend, I hope you are not falling for him already ” he smiled, linda was giving me this seductive eye as she locked the gate behind us, she led us inside a very big house,we went inside the big sitting room,the house belongs to lindas parent who live in the city, they had to allow linda come to the village in other to help her ageing grandmother. The grandmother is a farmer who never rest, most of the time she is in her farm, she only come back in the evening to rest and prepare for the next day’s work.
” what do I offer you guys, what an unexpected visit with an august visitor ” she said looking at my direction,
” go and bring whatever you have linda, ….ehem how is grandma? ”
emeka enquired, I was sitting by his side smiling sheepishly anticipating on how events unfold.
” the old woman is fine” we heard her say from the kitchen .
Immediately she came back with a plate,placed it on the dinning and beckoned us to come forward and eat, we left our seat and headed to the dinning, when we opened the plate, we saw a well prepared egusi soup with plenty fish and meat, the one that will send your hand galloping each time you want to get soup with your eba,
“oboy, emeka so this is what you have been enjoying all alone ” ” this one na small thing na, you need to see how this girl spend on me ” we didnt waste time in doing justice to the meal, I didnt eat much because I am not comfortable eating in peoples house, but I made sure Emeka doesnt take care of my own share of meat and fish.
We finished the food and returned to the sofa, linda came and sat beside me after Emeka finished introducing me to her. Come see questions, this girl is flirty sha..
” Justice are you sure you are in this our village, where have you been hiding all this while” she laughed.
” well I am not hiding anywhere, I am in this village, just that I dont move about like that. You know I never grewup here ”

” speak no more, you dont even look like one that grewup in the village, look how fresh you are, Emeka you need to learn from your friend, you too dey waka haba ” she aimed at Emeka
” you are not serious linda, where and where have you seen me except our house and your house” sounding jealous, because throughout the stay she never gave Emeka much attention the way she gives me.
” may I have your number Justice? ”
haaaaaa, this girl is too much sha, not minding emeka who is here sitting as if all is well with him, what is she upto? I called my phone number for her sha,
” what line is that”
” etisalat”
” ok” she dialled the number and it was switched off……


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