My love is real, episode 2

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Episode 2
She kicked my pe**s
I turned her we started kissing and romancing our self’s, I sucked her tips till she start morning. I removed her shirt and removed her bra. O she got a big round boob’s. After that I finger fucked her then it lead to to sex. We lay naked on the bed. At around 3pm I woke up just to see she is dress already waiting for me to wake.
Me: dear you want leave now?
Precious: yeah I need to read remember we have a test tomorrow.
Me: yeah, but way don’t you pass the night here?
Girl: that would be some order time.
Me: if u say so
Girl: dress up come see me off
Me: oryt
I toke a quick shower and dress saw her off.
On our way we talk alot.
On the way I letter gadded courage to ask question have always wanted to.
Me: hope u enjoyed me?
Girl: bad guy u did well sha
Me: your kiss test good
Me: I will like u to be in my harms forever
Girl: are you serious?
Me: sure
Girl: u want spoil me abi?
That kind joke
In her house
She prepared jeloff rice and stew
After eating I bid her good bye and went straight to my house. On my way some guys stooped me.
Guys: stop there boy
Wait for episode 3

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