My love is real episode 3

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Guys: stop there boy
I never wanted to turn back but one of them taped my shoulder. I turned to see some strange guys.
Me: good evening guys
They where 5 in number.
Guy1: hold your greeting
Guy2: we just come warn you make u they careful with that girl. Na our bee be that OK?
Me: I no understand which girl?
Guy3: u they craze? Na we you want pretend for? Guy pack well o.
Me: frustrated. You mean precious?
One of them have me a hot slap and said.
Guy: so u know u just they play with our sense. Leave her for the last time
I got angry and wanted to fight him immediately but reason say them many pass me.
The left me speechless
I went home lonely and depressed. My neighbour where sunrise at the look on my face.
neighbor1: Samriz this one way your face they so, hope nothing spoil
Me: nothing jare
I slept off. A knock on my door woke me up.
I opened the door and saw my girl there.
Me: hello
Girl : how far u no allow me enter today? Shuuu
I opened the door she entered and relax on the bed.
Girl: what wrong with you? U never called and your face it not OK
I told all that happened
Girl: that must be that basterd
Me: who
Girl: Stevo
The name look familiar. One of my secondary school friend Stephen bear that name. That one I they beat craze for him head.
Me: what between u guys
Girl: his just a friend he told me e love me but I never gave him that chance.
Me: can I meet him? The name sound familiar
She gave me his number I invited him over. We fixed where to meet day and time.
Girl: hope u are OK now?
Me: yeah
We discussed and did as usual.after that she left. I called home to hear. After that went to a game shop to play PS
THE DAY we are to meet with Stevo finally came.
I sighed him from afar. My start to beat
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