My NYSC DIARY season 2 episode 10

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“BREAKING NEWS! KFC closes all branches in Ibadan. Report says people just come in, take pictures and leave.”
I checked out my department all round and I could see just some little changes. In front of my department, I could see a tape which was done/ commissioned by one of the craziest lecturer we have then Mrs. Akinseye and some group of people. Am sure the student will enjoy this new infrastructure. I could remember back then, if there was something we suffered for in the hostel, it was water. When we got tired, we had to look for a house elsewhere around Apete, thanks to my Fantastic guys. We were known as The Fantastic 4 back then (A.y, Benji, Ugo and I). School was fun with these guys! You can never find their part two elsewhere again, believe me. Talking of Apete, there was this plank bridge we used to pass then while the main bridge was still under construction. It was always fair during the dry season but anytime it gets to the raining season, it was like hell. As a matter of fact, this bridge killed 2 students during my stay there. When I got there, I was amazed to see that the bridge has been completed. Big ups to the Oyo state government for the wonderful job. I was happy to see cars, bus, and bikes moving freely on the bridge. I could also sight a new shopping complex around the place too. The construction of the bridge has brought development to the area of Apete. I walked towards the bridge, located a woman cooking noodles and egg. I ordered for a plate of noodles with 2 fried eggs. After eating, I had a little discussion with the woman and from our discussion; she informed me that the bridge was completed around 2014 that was a year after I left. I thanked the woman and I continued my journey back to my department. I took a stroll down to the gate that linked the polytechnic Ibadan with the University of Ibadan. I sat down on one of the chairs at the security office awaiting the arrival of a bike which will take me to the Zoo. After 20 minutes of waiting, I spotted one, waved it down and off we went. Straight to the Zoo! The bike man and I had a little chat on our way, telling me the tales of the Zoo and it was shocking when he told me the Elephant which was popularly called “Biodun” had died in 2014. I was surprised. The last time I came here in 2002, the Elephant was still there hale and hearty. In a matter of minutes, we were in front of the Zoo. I paid the man and he zoomed off. The place has really changed unlike the first time I came here 14 years ago. It has been renovated and everything was well coordinated but the ticket was now N500. My small bag was checked before I went in by the security personnel at the entrance. The Zoo is open for everybody from 8.30am-6.30pm daily. What I saw there can’t be explained. Different sorts of birds, monkeys, chimpanzees and baboon. The crocodiles were well caged and a notice was written that no one should go close to the gate where they were kept. I also visited the sections where all sort of snakes was kept; the cobra, phyton, etc. I saw the giant land tortoise, stallion and mare, colourful peacocks, giraffes, giant Eland, Honeybadger, ostrich, Emu, Hyena and the king of all animals, THE LION!

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