My NYSC DIARY season 2 episode 12

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“Ibadan babes be like “ a fe lo se soping (shopping) ni soprite (shoprite), se emo tele wa? (we want to go and sop in shoprite, will you follow us)”
Corper, corper ehhhhhhhhh……..(In Phyna’s voice) The girl in a mask said accompanied with two other guys who didn’t bother to use their mask but with the equipments in their hands, you dare not look their face twice. Na una be the male corper wey dey for this house abi? Oya, wey una money? One of them asked no one in particular. Goddy and I was shivering where we knelt down. We no get any money. Goddy managed to say. Kpoooaaa! That was the next thing I heard. One of the guys slapped Godwin. Eleri buu ni yin. (Una dey mad) One of them spoke in a typical Ibadan dialect. Ero pe mi o ri yin ni gba ti e lo gba alawi yin abi? (You think I didn’t see you guys when you went to withdraw your allowy?) Eda mi loun ki n to change e fun yin (Answer me before I change it for you) Like a flash, I took hold of the trousers I had put on to school today, brought out my wallet and hand it over to them. Godwin also stood up and gave them his wallet too. Omo! Alawin la won people yi sha! (Guy, this people no get money o) One of the robbers said. From the corner of my eyes, I can see the one with the wallet showing the content of our wallet to the girl and the other guy. Out of annoyance, the Ibadan guy among them spoke, Eya were ni? Se eyin ti mo ri ni bank, se iye ti owo yin ku le le yi? (Are you guys mad? Were you not the one I saw at the bank earlier today? Is this the amount left? He asked angrily. Daddy, I managed to say. Ati san gbese ti a je nibe, owo to ku, afi se obe. (Daddy, we’ve paid some debt inside and the remaining one, we had to cook some soup.)
Ibadan robber: Wey the soup?

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