My NYSC DIARY season 2 episode 13

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“Ibadan girls can still ask someone in a BBM group “are you on BBM?”
I managed to stand up and took him to where our pot of soup was. I could hear Godwin sniffing. That signifies one thing, He is surely crying! Why won’t he cry when the first soup we would cook with Turkey and some fishes is being taken away by some guys who never worked for it? Our God is a great God! Immediately they held the pot, something miraculous happened. Nepa took off the light and instantaneously, we started hearing the sound of a siren! Awon Ojo ti de! Awon ojo ti de (The police has come, the police has come!) They dropped the pot and started heading outside. So thief sef dey fear police. Everything went calm for about 30 minutes just for the sound of the siren. We were expecting the police to come in but we didn’t see any. The sound of the siren was now louder and it seems it was closer to us. Not quite long, Nepa restored the light. Goddy stood up almost immediately and the first thing he could think of was the soup. Thank God dem no carry am go. He whispered. I opened our door hoping to trace where the sound of the siren was coming from and guess what? It was coming from Babab ibeji’s room. When did baba ibeji become a police man? Out of curiosity, I barged into his room and saw Baba Ibeji laying on the floor unconscious with his head hitting his old binatone rechargeable lamp and his head hitting the small button at the side of the lamp where the siren sound was coming from. I lifted him up and called Goddy for help. People in other rooms came out and to check out the damage that has been done by the armed robbers. With the help of other tenants, we rushed Baba Ibeji to the clinic towards the end of the second street. Trust Ibadan clinics now, it’s one of the places you won’t want to be especially in a case of emergency. When I came back from the clinic, I remembered I haven’t seen the forming Corper, Ify since the incidence. I went straight to her door and knocked. Who is there? Ify asked from inside with a croaked voice. It’s like someone has been crying all night or somewhat. What’s wrong? What is the matter? Did they do anything to you? That was all the questions I asked her when I entered her scattered room. Ify’s eyes had swollen up and it just shows that she has been crying all night long. I got close to her, placed her head on my shoulders while she was crying uncontrollably. Ify, did they hurt you? I asked the crying Ify. After some minutes, she stopped crying, looked up to me and said, I was raped! Ewoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

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