My NYSC DIARY season 2 episode 19

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“Some guys that I know will wear a pant for good five days. When he is about to sit on a chair he looks for handkerchief to clean it up. Your stupidity demands 7 days crusade”
I didn’t know for how many hours I might have passed out but all I could sense was that I was in danger. My legs and hands were both tied with a rope and my back was resting on a pillar which I could see holds up the building I found myself. I could feel something walking on my body from my dream and before I knew it, I was awake, finding myself somewhere like a dungeon with only my white knickers and singlet on. What could have happened? Where is my NYSC crested vest and khaki short? Where is Godwin? How did we get here? Where is Godwin? The last thing I could remember was the traffic before everything went black out. Then it dawn to me that we have been kidnapped, probably by some people who wanted a ransom. If they wanted a ransom, who will pay? Is it the Oyo state government? The NYSC D.G? Or the federal government? Several questions which needed answers was coming to my head and I just can’t decipher what to do, but I am sure of one thing, very soon I would know where we are. While I was still in my thinking mood, I felt a movement of position by someone sitting close to me and also I could hear the person snoring. That can only be one person, GODWIN! Idiot, Godwin, Godwin, I managed to hit him. Instead of him to respond, he changed position again and kept sleeping. Then it dawn to me that the drug or whatever that was used to make us sleep had more effect on him than it did on me. Oh lord God, have mercy upon me. I prayed silently. After some minutes, I tried again to wake Godwin but this time I kicked him harder. Who be that naa? He said faintly. Thank God he is awake! Godwin, Godwin, wake up. I whispered silently. Wetin happen now? It was when he was trying to sit up that he discovered that he has been tied down too. OBS, wetin dey happen now? What are we doing here? He asked. Guy, idiot shut up and listen. We have been kidnapped but the question is who kidnapped us and for what reason. If it’s for money, we are safe but if it’s the ritualist, there are two things involved. Its either we are killed or we find a way to escape. If we are killed, we are safe in the hands of the lord but if we are to escape, there is only one question involve and that is how are we going to escape? I silently relayed to Godwin.
Just when we were thinking on what to do, we heard the sound of a key trying to open the door. We both looked up and saw two men walked majestically inside.

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