My NYSC DIARY season 2 episode 24

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“For those girls that sleeps on mat and when a guy proposes them they will be quick to ask for Iphone instead of a bed or mattress. Your head no correct”

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OBS: Oga o. What is your name?
The lady: I am Anita. I just hope God will forgive me all my sins. I know I have reached my final bus-stop. My parents will be so worried of me right now. What will become of my sick Dad? Oh God! (She crys)
I just couldn’t help it anymore. I need to do something. I whistled with my mouth to call Goddy. I signaled to him to come over and he managed to drag himself to where I am.
OBS: Goddy, what do you think we can do to save these people?
Goddy: Guy,you don think of how you go leave here not talk less of saving this whole people?
OBS: There must be a way Godwin. There should be a way. I said calmly and I began to think what we could do. The Aboki said because he didn’t mention his name, he was not killed, then definitely there must be a reason because all other person that mentioned their names was been hit with the ring. Its either Goddy and I get this rope off our hands, we should be able to overpower the man with the key and from there, we can find a way out. I told Goddy all what I have discovered and he really buy the idea but the only way out now is how to get these ropes off our hands and feet.
After about two hours of thinking and I couldn’t get a clue on what to do, I looked at the pillar in the room. It has some rough edges which was not too sharp but one can still try his luck when you keep trying. I moved over to the pillar and I started grinding the middle of my hands where the ropes were joined to the iron. When Goddy saw this, he joined me too while the rest of the people were looking, some looking at what we were trying to do while others have been thinking about their painful death already. Goddy and I tried this all night even when others have slept, waiting for their death the next morning. Luckily for me, my rope got loosed. I untied the ones in my leg and managed to untie Goddy too.
OBS: Goddy, lets wake this people up and untie them.
Goddy: OBS, you wan kill us? They can’t be smart like we are or wait, I have a plan.
Godwin whispered it to my ears then I smiled. It was sure a good plan. Plan 1 achieved! Now it’s time to wait till morning to achieve part 2. All through the period of the night, I was praying to God to please save me, to please find a way out of this dungeon for me and the rest of the people here.

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