My NYSC DIARY season 2 episode 26

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“Foreign Lecturer’s Pride: 80% of my students made A’s
9ja Lecturer’s pride: I gave 90% of my students F’s (Idiots)
Within some minutes, we were out of the building, passing the backyard which was opened by the time we got there, thanks to one of the men who went to the backyard to shit. Immediately he sighted us, he wanted to stand up to attack us but the hausa man who was holding a stick didn’t waste to hit him with it before he went unconscious. Immediately everyone saw this, we all picked on our race. After running for some minutes, we were all tired. I ordered everyone to stop so we could rest for a moment before continuing our journey to the express. I stole a glance at the female corper and the woman they wanted to kill today. They looked terrified and unkempt and am sure they just can’t wait to see their family and friends again. Goddy was still holding the stick in his hands at least that is the only weapon we have in defending ourselves.
Goddy: Obs, how we go waka now? It’s just as if we are in the wilderness. Which way are we to follow now?
OBS: (Exhales) Guy, I am tired. I can’t remember the last time I ran this way.
Goddy: Look at my cloth sef.(Pull away the white round-neck he is having on and throws it at one of the branches of the stick) Its better I remain this way rather than wearing that shirt.(Pointing at it on the tree)
OBS: We need to get out of here as soon as possible because I am sure they would have known we have escaped and they would be tracing us.
Goddy: Na them sabi. Guy, as I dey so, I am tired. Hungry dey worry me. E be like say make I see correct Amala with……
Godwin was about to finish his statement when we heard Bangrajan’s voice “Na that side dem go dey” Pursue them. Get them all or kill them all.

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