My NYSC DIARY season 2 episode 33

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“Mum shouted at you and you said-Momsi, free me jor! Then your boyfriend scolded you and you began to cry…Please my sister, come forward! Come! Come! Let me pray for you. Oya, raise your hand up, raise it up very well. Then bend it and place it on your head. Say Father, strike me with thunder”
Ola, Ola, wake up, wake up. I opened my eyes this time slowly. It really took some minutes before my eyes could adjust to the lights in the room I was. When I opened my eyes, a little bit more, I could see Goddy. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Is what I could hear. Goddy was screaming just like Daniel Bryan in WWE, heading towards the door. Some minutes later, he came inside with the doctor and about 5 other people which I didn’t recognize very well. The Doctor examined me and said “He is in a stable condition now. They all chorused “Thank God” at the same time. What happened to me? I asked no one in particular. You were shot but thanks to God you survived it because it penetrated just some meters away from your heart. The man is now in our custody and you guys are safe. Thank God you are alive Ola. The DPO said. Then one man came closer to me and said, “The executive Governor of Oyo state, Governor Ajumobi sends his greetings to you. Your bravery and unselfish attitude and your good spirit helped him to get back his younger brother’s child which was kidnapped about a month back. All the hospital bill is cleared and the Governor will like to see you and your brave friend here as soon as you are being discharged from the hospital. Your local government inspector has been called so you don’t have any worries reporting to your PPA or your local government secretariat. There is a car and a driver and some security guards downstairs which will bring you to his Excellency when you are okay. If you need anything, kindly inform the Doctor. If you don’t mind, you will have to excuse me, I need to inform the governor that he is awake, then he left. I just opened my mouth in amazement not knowing what to say. The Doctor noticed this and said, don’t be surprised. Nobody can try what you guys did and I must confess, you guys are wonderful. Look at this, he brought out two newspaper and showed me, “You guys just earned yourself a legendary status. Goddy got the paper from the Doctor and brought it closer to me and then I saw the headline “Two corper helps discover and rescue the ritualist’s dungeon along Lagos-ibadan, expressway “National Tribune. The Doctor also brought “The Punch” newspaper which says “Police rescues little kids from the ritualist den, thanks to 2 Oyo Corpers” I didn’t know when tears started streaming down my eyes. I couldn’t believe my face could be on the dailies so quick. Naso OLAOLOWO take turn legend o. No be so?

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