My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary camp diary episode 55

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Describing all OBS friends in one word, they wonderful. Maybe I should write something about them. Yea let me.

Moses: Even though I was never his big fan at the beginning, but later on, we cliqued along the lined. I like him, his personality and the way he control things in the OBS.

Ifeoma: She is the typical wife material you can’t find anywhere else. She was just like a mother to everybody. She has this motherly trait in her. She’s friendly, jovial and hardworking. Always leading by example!

Christy: Oh Christy money! I love to call her that. She is just like a guy. Strong, friendly and what I like about her is that she doesn’t talk much. She does her thing in a quiet way. What I like about her? The way she walks. You need to see her. Just like

A.Y Ruth: One of the executives who make things work in OBS. Easy going and I love to see her whenever she plays volleyball. She was my secret crush. I like her.

A.Y H.O.K: Ayo, the head of kitchen. I just love this guy. His smiles can make a girl fall for him instantly. I love the way he composes himself even when he reads the news for us, he was always inspiring. And one thing I love about him, he NEVER jokes with his food and he was ever ready to serve others, the reason why we named him H.O.OK.

Dafe: Aka Dafex. The sport thing brought us together and am glad I met him. I learnt a lot from him. His boldness, courage and his composure whenever he faces the crowd! He is hilarious though and somehow crazy. I will always cherish all the time I spent with him even though he runs most times whenever it’s time to cover the platoon games, he still has time for his camp girlfriends.(I don finish you Dafe)

Ekene: He was the first guy I had good rapor with when we were told we will be in the sport dept. Ekene and Dafe has similar traits. I love them both. A brother who takes responsibility and never fears to air his mind on anything at anytime!

Nonso: The third guy with us in the sport dept. He is cool, gentle, fun to be with and also the crazy time just like the others. I wonder what Mighty Mic was smoking when he told me to work with this set of crazy guys which I will forever cherish throughout my life. I bet I can never see this type of guys to work with again.

Eka: I got to know her through Seyi. She was loving and kind. Fun to be with and her eye brow is what I love about her. Her set of teeth is awesome.

Gold: We call her mama gold. She is the mama of the house. She is just the opposite of Dafe. Her courage and Boldness is extra-ordinary. Fun to be with and I must admit, I never knew her at first. She was never seen in the studio unless it’s time for her show.

John: Naco John the programmer. He is a cool guy who does his job effectively. He is fun to be with and one thing I learn about him is that he talks when necessary. His word of encouragement for me still leaves in my memory.

Yomi: I never knew he was an OBS member not until the last week in camp. With the few times we talked, I discovered he is a cool guy too.

Charmeen: One of the most handsome guys in OBS. I envy that guy ehn. His drama on the social night he anchored will be in my memory. (Laughs)

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