My NYSC Experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 15

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According to the advice of Timi, he said the best time to have your bath in this hostel is around 1am or 2am before everyone wakes up. Nawa o. when person no be witch. Life in camp sha. Me wey be say if na my papa house I dey, two alarms no fit wake me. In fact, my mum does a good job trying to wake me every time. Don’t mind me. Am not a spoilt brat, am just lucky to be the last born of the house so I enjoy all the freedom at home. Back to the hostel, I couldn’t sleep well so I woke up almost every time to check my phones if they are still intact (laughs)
Waking up around 2am was not really strange to me anymore. I took the bucket and went straight to the well to get water before going to the bathroom. To my greatest surprise, the bathroom was being occupied by some corp members like me who wants to bath early and don’t want to stand the long queue later 4am. I still managed to escape through just within few minutes of standing on the queue. Back to the room, I got dressed and got back to bed to sleep till we hear the bugle for the morning parade. 4.35am, the useless bugle was blown and I felt like slapping the person blowing it. The fear of punishment is the beginning of waking up early before the soldiers starts giving countdowns. I stood up immediately, putting on my white knickers, waist bag and phones before running to the parade ground. The weather was so cold but we just have to obey the clarion’s call. 4.50am, we were already lining up according to our different platoons. Soon, the camp director came out with some soldiers and the man o war. We were cold and I must confess that my teeth were hitting each other. We recited the national anthem, the pledge and the Nysc anthem. Sooner, we’ve begin to shake off the cold gradually before the man o war was called to take over. Seriously, I enjoyed the drills the female man o war gave us the previous day and I was looking forward to her again. I nicknamed her ‘’Tiwa savage’’ because she looks like her and also has a voice like her too. She is beautiful, slim, and fair and she also has this strange long hair (thanks to Brazilian hair) and a nice eye brow. Enough of the Tiwa savage man o war girl abeg. We sang different songs and joked along the line, to the extent of lifting up one of the soldiers in the process. The whole parade ground scattered at the view of that. I nicknamed a guy in my platoon “Don Jazzy” because of the way he carries the platoon with his igbo song. After all the drills and exercise, the man o war handed us over to our platoon commander and when it was 8.30am, we were released to go have our breakfast.

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