My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 23

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The alarm rang at 4.00am and I was surprised its morning already. I woke up with a slight headache and I had to struggle to be on my feet. I picked up the bucket under the bed before heading to the bathroom, as usual, with a long queue.
By 4.38am, the trumpet was blown and we all had to rush to the parade ground for the morning drills. After the usual anthem, announcements and the morning exercise and running which was conducted by the Man’ o war we rapped things up and by 8am, it was time for breakfast. Ekene called me to come to the studio early since our show will begin by 8.45am. I got there, prepared the scripts with the guys before starting show. At 9.25am, one of the soldiers banged into the studio and informed us that all corp members should meet at the registration block. It was then I remembered it was time for the lectures which I heard might finish 2pm.
By 10am, the lectures commenced and it was all about the tips of life in camp and security tips. After giving out the security tips, questions were allowed from the corpers and they were able to entertain only 3. I was feeling uneasy during all this period. The yeye food I ate in the morning is having its toll on me so I have to visit the toilet as soon as possible or else, gbege go happen for here. I left the auditorium and had to run to the hostel to shit. At 11.35am, I returned back to the auditorium and from the look of things, everyone is tired of the lectures. The OBS Man, Mr Abubakar was giving his speech when I got there. He was even “whining” us that Yobe state is one of the best state we can be. Everybody laughed. This man sef. Yobe is the best place bawo? With all this bombing incident every time. I laughed within me. Just when I was in my thought, Ella called to know where I was. I described my location to her and in a matter of minutes; she was able to find me where I am. We located somewhere shady and we were gisting about things in camp. We chatted till it was announced that the relocation form will be given to everyone today so we should all line up by platoons. When I was done, I saw Janelle and we took a walk down to the mamee market together before I retired back to my hostel.
The long awaited match between platoon 3 and platoon 4 started around 4.35pm and my sport guys were nowhere to be found. I started the commentaries of the football game before mighty mic came to the rescue to assist me in the talking. Minutes into the game, the guys were fully around so Ekene was told to go to the volleyball court to cover the volleyball games while I and the other guys would mind the football game. Some minutes later, Ekene came back with the report that Platoon 9 defeated the platoon 10 in two sets i.e 25-7 and 25-18. The match went got to the penalty shootout and platoon 3 won by 5 goals to 4. I can’t stop laughing because I know the room will be fun this night since its Ugo’s team that lost the game. Landlord must be very happy this night and am sure the whole guys in room 10 would be ready to bombard ugo.
After the evening show i.e sports panorama (which was done by the crew alongside a new girl in the OBS named Shope), I called Janelle. We met under the tree in front of the registration block. We discussed for a while before she asked me to walk her down to the mamee market. Getting to the mamee market, she told me she wants to meet a guy in one of the restaurant. That really got to me but I was determined not to allow anything to disrupt my happiness this evening. I left and gave her a bow for a good night and headed back to the hostel. On my way going back, I met Ugo making a call along the road. I waited for him to be through. After the call, he told me he wants to go and meet his secretary (Yetunde by name) at her hostel to settle the arrangement for the kitchen since it is the turn of his platoon to cook the next day. I followed him and I was still trying to maintain my happy mood so I kept playing back P’ Square’s beautiful onyinye on my phone. When he was through with her, the trumpet was sounded for the commencement of the social night at the usual venue and all corpers are expected to be there. Ugo, his secretary and I decided to go straight to the multipurpose hall. Along the way, Janelle called but I was not hearing what she was saying. She hanged up and she never bothered to call back neither did I bother too. We got to the registration block by 8.15pm and we were surprised to meet an already filled hall.

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