My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 27

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I was awake around 3.25am the harmattan was too much. I felt reluctant to stand at first but I remembered I was not at my father’s house so I hurriedly stood up from bed, fetched a bucket of water from the well. By 3.58am, I was done with the bathing and dressing. Calculating by my time, I still have like 30minutes to sleep before going for the morning drills.
By 4.44am, the trumpet sounded and I woke up, put on my shoes before heading out to the field. Did anyone remember captain Nwabunike? (The captain that punished my guy and i) I heard he is back and as usual, he has started to dish out different punishment styles to any corper who does not behave well or did not greet him. (Laughs) Military people sha. I no wan do frog jump this morning abeg. After reciting the Nysc anthem, the national anthem and the pledge, announcement was made and captain Aminu informed us that it is time for the platoon 6 to fill the book of life. We marched to the area of the registration ground where we lined up like primary school children. I also discovered that one of the OBS girls was in the same platoon with me, Seyi by name (Surname withheld). That was the first time I will be seeing her on the queue ever since the camp started. Talking about Seyi, we actually met yesterday at the parade ground when I was covering the platoon 5 and platoon 6 games. She sat beside me all through the game and I just can’t help but to start a conversation with her. Back to the present, the presido of the platoon, Opeyemi aka Alopay announced that the entire OBS member must be present on the queue too so I went away to call Tonye and the rest. On getting to the studio, I called the rest of the guys and I discovered has left the queue and she was sitting in the studio shivering. I put off my sweater for her to wear but that still didn’t help matter. The football game referee was the bearer of the book of life. He announced that the book will be filled according to our numbers so anybody whose numbers is still far (that is over 1000) should give way first. Since Seyi’s platoon number is above 1000, I told her of the girls to lead her back to the studio. I got her platoon number and I promised to help her information when it is her time to fill her.

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