My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 28

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As an OBS member, we were privileged (after some special arrangement as being made) to get everyone’s breakfast to the studio. After filling the book, I went to the studio to have my breakfast. I was standing close to where seyi sat down. The way she was sitting and eating indicates that she is not feeling too well at all. Within a minute or two, she rushed outside to vomit. I was looking through the window while I was still eating. Something pushed me from where I was standing so I rushed out to where she was. She was trying to vomit but nothing seems to come out of her throat and its making her weak. I held her to avoid her falling and before I know it, she slumped. With a speed of a superman, I backed her and started rushing to the camp clinic. Immediately I got to the clinic, a bed was arranged for her when they see how urgent and serious her illness was. I stood with her all through the stay of the doctor. The doctor told me to get her some food and water after she has been giving 2 injections. I rushed straight to Mamme market to get her a plate of white rice. Getting back to the clinic, I saw Dafe already with her. I fed her with the food but she was only able to eat just 4 spoons of the foods. I gave her the drugs the doctor asked me to give her after she has eaten. She tried to vomit it but I controlled her and she steadied her sitting position. Ruth, the phonetic girl in OBS is also some bed away from the bed Seyi was admitted. The trumpet was sounded for the morning lectures but am still here in the clinic sitting here with seyi, on behalf of the OBS Crew, time check 9.47am.
About an hour later, seyi woke up and requested she wants to urinate. I called the matron to come and remove the drip on her hands. After the drip has been removed, Busayo and I helped her to the toilet. I stood some distance away and took her back when she was through. Around 12.05pm, the next patient beside us requested she has to eat. The doctor begged me to assist her in getting her food at the mamee market. I was given a written note which I didn’t use at all because nobody stopped me on the way and none of the soldiers even mined me. Am back to the clinic by 12.20pm. Seyi was feeling much better. She put her head on my laps but the unfortunate scene happening in the clinic is the patients who are in pains as a result of finished drugs and un-equipped clinic.

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