my NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary. episode 4

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The next day, Ugo called me and asked to make enquiry about the airplane plans for the journey to the camp. I remember that some of the guys in camp, especially a guy called “Nero”, were discussing about the best airline to board and the lowest amount too. I contacted them and I was told that the Arik airline will be the best and it will get to Jos and from Jos, we will get a bus to Kangere, Bauchi state. And talking about whatsapp group, it comprises of a lots of crazy, fellow, with different discussion about how they will make best use their weeks in Bauchi. Aside from Janelle and Ella, I was able to make new friends from the group; Westside, Bibie, PapaT, highbeeky, and lots of crazy guys.
After getting this info, I relayed what I got to Ugo and he told me to make arrangement for the both of us. I contacted my brother, Aganga who worked at the airport to help us in making enquiries about how much the flight would cost. Ugo and I both made the payment into my brother‘s account who would help us to book a ticket for the flight to Jos .After 2hours, the flight ticket was booked and everything look set. On Saturday, 21st of November 2015, I went to my brother’s apartment to get the tickets. When I was checking the ticket, I discovered an error. Oh my God! My brother booked the flight on the 1st of December which was the following week instead of the 23rd of November which we planned to move. He promised to rectify the problem as soon as possible. I left his apartment feeling very sad and devastated! As I didn’t want anything to disrupt our plans, just some few days to the beginning of the camping, Aganga later called me and said backdating of the ticket would cost us N30, 000 for both tickets. Later Ugo and I agreed to pay this as soon as possible.

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22nd November, Aganga and I went straight to the airport in the afternoon, we make enquiry for the 24th November, but we were told that there was no available seat. Except for Monday and 25th of November which was on Wednesday went the camp will open. Only a mad man will be travelling on the very day camp want to open, somewhere you’ve not been before. Chai! We agreed to flying on Monday, we paid an extra N32, 500 (thirty two thousand five hundred naira) after we’ve initially paid N42, 000 (forty two thousand naira) for both tickets. Everything look set and things happen in a rush as Ugo still have to buy one or two things before we locate the following day as the flight was booked for 11:30am.


to be continued.

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