My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 41

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Seyi wasn’t enjoying the show so she said we should go and sit somewhere to talk. We sat somewhere and we kept talking about life in general and each other’s past experience. Ella called me to know where I am. I told Seyi that I had to see a friend so we left for the hall together while I left to go and see Ella. We discussed about her challenges most importantly among her friends. I advised her and also encouraged her not to feel bad about it. We talked about it for about 30minues before we realized that the social night was off already and corpers are already trooping out in numbers. I told Ella that I have to go and meet my friend who was waiting for me. I searched everywhere for Seyi but I couldn’t sight her. Her number was not going through either so I decided to go to the studio to check on her. I saw her leaving the studio so I ran up to her that told her I have been looking for her. She does not want to speak to me at first but later told me she is coming back. That was a different Seyi. Something is happening to her which I still don’t know yet. After the brief meeting we had regarding the OBS party, Seyi was leaving and I ran up to her again. She said she saw me talking with my friend and I couldn’t walk up to her. I tried to explain to her that I didn’t see her and moreover, I have been trying her number but it wasn’t going through at all. I held her which she reluctantly released, talked and keep staring into her eyes. We talked while I escorted her down to her hostel. She never wanted me to go but I had to because it was almost time for light out. She hugged me and we bid ourselves farewell.
I got back to the hostel so cold. The guys don sleep already since we all expect that we would be waking up at 2am by the camp commandant, the short man devil himself, Balal. What a day! I dressed up like I was going for a night show so as to wake up when the bugle gets blown at any time.

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