My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 45

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Mighty Mic and Gold was the one anchoring tonight’s show and the event was sponsored by airtel. One thing I noticed this night, Seyi was looking stunning! How I wish things were just so perfect. I just don’t know why luck is just always against m each time it comes to emotional affairs and that’s just the main reason why I refused to open up my emotions towards her because I know it’s something that won’t last. Back to the variety night, the contestant for the Miss orobo and Mrs Nysc was called to the podium. The Mr. Macho man contestant was also being called upon. The Miss Orobo contestant was later called one by one, giving us their names, course studied and the platoon they are representing. Later one, the Airtel representatives were giving out airtime. Nnanna, one of us got one out of the numerous airtimes that was called to the audience. Hungry don dey halla my head o. I need to rush to the mamee before it’s too late. Where else will I go to, If not to Mama Amaka’s restaurant to eat Semo and Egusi soup. I got back to the hall by 9.40pm meeting the Miss Nysc contestant being introduced. The show was really going on well as most of the chairs in front are filled to the brim. Outside of the auditorium was also filled with corpers trying to catch a glimpse of what is going on through the window. After a performance by some corpers, the Miss Orobo contestant has changed to their different native attires and they were being called one by one to the audience. I must confess that they are beautiful in those attires. What my eyes are seeing here are unexplainable. They are things young men shouldn’t be seeing or else, he can get blind. The crowds are happy and cheering them up but this is really obscene stuff that guys shouldn’t be seeing. After all the contestant finished dancing, a comedian from a platoon came to crack some jokes but the crowd was yelling at him to leave the stage. That’s pathetic! At least, they should have encouraged him. Am having some little headache here but a funny thing just occurred here. The fat guy that hawks NYSC belt just came to the stage to perform some crazy dance steps! Whao! I never believed a fat guy like that could move his body o.
The macho men have now changed to an English outfit and they’ve been called out to see the audience with their new outfit one by one. The guys were being asked questions which they are to answer. After the first round of questions, they were told to dance to music all round before the questioning continued. The dancing is quite funny you know. They tried sef. Wetin I fit dance? It’s now time to call on the Miss nysc to come show off their new outfit. They really looked astonishing! It’s now their turn for the question and answer. After the first round of question and answer, they were told to dance one by one. After they had danced, then the shocker happened! Mighty Mic called on all OBS members to come and dance on the stage. Getting to the stage, I told the guys that we can do it and they should let us perform our song. I grabbed the Microphone and with Jerry dazzling his magic fingers on the guitar, it sent a shock waves into the crowd.

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