My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 46

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Then Dafe came in with the introduction and immediately he was done, I took up the chorus and the rest of the guys backed up. I took the first verse, and then Afeez took the second verse with a rap. It was wonderful am telling you. This was the best moment of my life. I have never had the chance to make use of my talent and this was the first! Who remembered Faze’s Originality song? Remember how he mentioned all the great artiste Nigeria ever had? I took inspiration from that song and I was able to call out the names of all OBS members in form of a rap. I didn’t know when Mrs Gibson came to the stage to give me a hug and also cheering everybody up. Even thou not all the members of the crowd cheered us up; we knew we killed the song. Another dance performance was called from the audience and they were about 7 corp members which were later trimmed down to 2 people. Expectedly, Rejoice, Alopay’s vice was among the last two people standing. As the girl short, naso she sabi dance. At last, Rejoice lost out to the guy and the both of them was given an airtel gift pack. The judges were being called upon so they could gather their result and tell us the winner. The Miss Orobo result would be announced first by the camp commandant, captain A.B Balal who I didn’t even notice his presence at first. Its 11.40pm and the hall is now getting empty gradually. Am sure some guys don go their hostel go sleep. Seyi and I was busy passing a sheet of paper between us to communicate since there was an hell of noise. She was having a feeling that I love her. So bad! Back to the event of the night, the judges are putting their heads together to get the result and it goes thus. Platoon 5 is the 10th. Platoon 8 with position 9,8th position to platoon 4. 7th position to platoon 9,6th position to platoon 7, 5th position to platoon 1, 4th position to platoon 10, 3rd position to platoon to platoon 2, 2nd position goes to platoon 6 while platoon 3 wins the Miss orobo contest.
The next result that will be announced will be for Mr. Macho. Time check 11.55pm and the hall is still on fire. 8th position goes to platoon 5. 7th to platoon 7, 6th position to platoon 9, 5th position to platoon 4, 4th position to platoon 3,3rd position to platoon 6, 2nd position to platoon 2 while platoon 10 wins it! The next on the line is Miss Orobo. Time check again is 12.01am of 11th of December 2015. The girls are coming out from the backstage so they could announce the winner. 10th position goes to platoon 3, 9th position goes to platoon 4, 8th position goes to platoon 1,7th position goes to platoon 2, 6th position to platoon 9, 5th position to platoon 8, 4th position to platoon 10, 3rd position to platoon 6, 2nd position to platoon 7 while platoon platoon 4 wins the miss NYSC competition. The state coordinator was on ground to give out the gift to the winner and he also put the crown on her head. We left the hall after the NYSC anthem has been recited. Seyi and I went to the studio together to eat the rice served by the kitchen. Time check, its 12.30am! I get back to the hostel at 12.50am. What a day, the NYSC VARIETY NIGHT!

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