My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 50

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At 6.25pm, I left the studio for the hostel to get prepared for the camp fire night. Currently 7.10pm, gisting with my guys in the room and we were discussing about relationship, guys, love and girls in general. The argument went on till the landlord, Goddy and Ayo joined us and they succeeded in distracting us. We continued our discussion till Ugo decided to join his peeps while I also joined him to visit the studio. As usual, it was empty. Just few people was present; Dafe, Precious, Ify and Christy. I went to the parade ground to meet the D.J and all the stage was set for the camp fire night.
It started at 8.05pm, with me announcing that all corp members should please come out of their rooms to the parade ground. Moses and I took charge of the microphone, me speaking as a female while he talks like the guy taking his babe out. We checked out the entire platoon one by one, inspecting their table before returning to the OBS stand. The man o war guys are ready to light up the firewood at the middle of the field currently 9.10pm. At exactly 9.15pm, we recited the NYSC anthem. The man o war coordinator was called to address the corpers and also give a brief explanation about the antecedent of the camp fire night. At 9.20pm, the fire was set and that signifies the beginning of the night and the man o war guys danced round it before they came to salute the camp director. The next is the testing of food by the judges. Lots of guys are taking shots of the fire while the judges are testing the food for platoon 1 while all the platoon was being called one by one to dance round the fire. After all the platoon had danced round, all OBS Crew was called to dance round the fire too. It was fun. The fire was so hot mehn. Hell fire no go good o! You better repent. The fire was able to take away the cold everyone was having sef. After dancing round it, we got back to our stand and started looking for our chairs. Currently 9.55pm. The food testing is still going round the platoon while in some platoon, the food has been served. Seyi and I were together as expected; all hidden things on each other’s mind would be poured out this night (crys)
We both went to where our platoon was, took our food packs before going to the OBS Stand. After the testing of the food, the Judges concluded that 3rd position will go to Platoon 2. 2nd position goes to platoon 1 while platoon 8 wins the cooking competition. After the announcement, the camp director congratulated the winners and told everyone to enjoy their selves. Moses and Mighty Mic was dancing and before I know what’s happening, Mighty Mic came to where we sit, took Seyi’s hands to ask her for a dance which she grudgingly obliged to. After about 10minutes of dancing with him, she came back to where I sat and held my hands.

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