My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 52

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I was very weak to stand up from bed. Time check 7.10am! Ugo was still very well asleep, snoring and covering his body with his mosquito net. The church service slated for 9.00am this morning was on my mind and I had to shave my beards. I woke up, brush my teeth, and wash my face before going to the mamee market to get my beards shaved. When I got there, the queue was much and I just can’t wait because I don’t want to get late for the church service! It was 8.20am and I can’t wait again so I went back to the hostel. On my way, I saw Motunrayo, one of Ella’s friends. I greeted her and made way to the

hostel. I just took sachet water, washed my eyes, legs and hair and got dressed for church. On my way to the church, I branch the multipurpose hall to copy my account number.

Church service was interesting. I saw some new faces alongside 2 members of redeem who joined us. We have a pastor from Yobe in our midst who gave the Sunday message after Brother Victor had done the search the scriptures. After the service, we had a love lounge where a can malt and biscuit was packaged and shared to everyone. The message was so touching. It talked about obeying God’s will and implementing it in various ways of our life. We had a photograph after the service before I run to the hostel because I was so pressed. The kind shit wey hold me ehn, if I spend 1 extra minute there, I go shit for body. I took my bath afterwards before I took a stroll down to the photo stand to get some of the pictures I snapped with life concept and Diamond. I went to Omolara’s restaurant, ate a plate of pounded yam. I went back to the hostel and I had to lie on the bed to get my diary updated. It 2.15pm! The lunch should be ready now. I went to the studio where white rice and stew was served already. I still knack am join belle (In Dafe’s voice), but immediately I finished it, I was having this feeling of going to the toilet again (WTF). Naso I take run go toilet again for the 2nd time today. Goddy sef dey use me laugh. I tire jare. I just can’t wait to get back home. I just can’t wait to get back to the office. Am missing my job and Boss already! So many things were just running through my mind today. How am I going to navigate service and work? I don’t know what God really has in plan for us, for us, for me. It’s really confusing although I remain calm that God is in control of things. The next big event before the camp will be over is the OBS party which is slated for 6pm this evening. The girls have been busy cooking pepper soup and I think there will also be issuance of certificates and awards. The planning committees are currently having a brief meeting with Mighty Mic discussing about all the things in OBS so far and how the party would go later at night. List have been passed round for people to write their names (How they want it on the certificate) I took the list to the people in the kitchen to get their names too. The trumpet has been blown and we were expecting the state coordinator to come and address us at the parade ground this evening. Mr T.K shenge came to the studio to shout on us before everybody ran out of the studio.

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