My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 59

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Then I knew we are in deep trouble! They are here I shouted at them so they could be fast. I was now examining the gun in my hand, praying to God that it should be loaded with bullet, even thou I was a novice, at least I could see how the gun is being used By Scott and Stonebridge in one of my best season film called Strike back. Then I saw them! They were 6 in number in the small bus they carried chanting, Allahu Akbar! Then they sighted us. They came down and started running towards us. The guys were set to roll and they were all waiting for me to join them before we move. I took my first shot and I missed.

They were closing in on us then I tried again. This time, I got one. I aimed at the rest running to and in quick succession two was down. The 3 of them left started shooting towards me and my guys. How their bullet missed us was a mystery to me. Ugo was now moving gradually and they were all shouting, “Ola, let’s go, let’s go! I was moving towards them gradually with my back facing them and I was still shooting towards the book guys running towards us. I was running backwards and also shooting at the two guys left. Ugo getting towards the deepest part of the river now and I have only one option left. I have to jump into the canoe or I am a gunner! Then I shot one of them remaining who was shooting at me. Ugo screamed at me, Ola, Jump! Then with the last strength in me, I shot the last one I could be able to shoot but fortunately it got him and his last shot got me at the back. I had to stretch with my last strength to jump into the canoe then I screamed. I was dead, that was might thought because I could hear melodies of hymns. Then I knew I was in heaven. While I was still trying to examine the environment I am, I felt a tap on my shoulder hearing someone calling me. This must surely be an angel, welcoming me to heaven not until I heard Oga, Oga corper, wey your ticket and wetin be your ticket number? Then I opened my eyes then it dawn on me that I was still in the bus listening to church hymns on my phone. That was the driver calling me to get my ticket and ticket number. Opps! So it was all a dream! God punish devil!

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