My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 60

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It’s still 2.03pm. We are still within Kangere. Kangere is a beautiful city at least in its own standard. It is filled with rocks all round, even at the camp, we do see the mighty rocks that surrounded the camp. To the bus that we boarded, it was a luxurious bus (My first time in it), 59 passengers but this one has two passengers short. Maybe the driver would pick passengers along the road because am sure the seats will never be empty to Lagos. The bus is filled with corpers going to Lagos, oyo, Akure and osun. Ugo is sitting at my right with Godwin. A.y sitting behind me, Eka sitting next to him while Jessica was sitting at her back

But on the brighter side, I will love to explore the city of Ibadan once again. The three years I spent during my ND was fantastic and memorable. At 2.40pm, we had a stopover at the Young shall grow office in Bauchi while some corpers came down to get food. My guys and I have devoured the take away food I got from Amaka. At least, that would last us till evening or thereabout. We resumed the journey back at 3pm. I saw Bisola and her friend Mariam standing in front of the young shall grow Motor Park. I was beginning to doze off when I felt my phone vibrating and guess what? It was a call from my Boss at work. I was scared. I don’t know what to say if I picked the call. Ella also called to check on me. There is this man who entered the bus alongside some corpers. He was just disturbing my peace with his discussions and explanations on something I don’t get. He is just disturbing the peace of everyone sleeping. The girl sitting next to me, Eniola by name is also fast asleep too. I had some couple of chat with Eka at the back, discussing about Ibadan, their foods and how she wants to learn the language. At 4.55pm, we got to plateau, No much difference between the rocks that we’ve passed when we were leaving Bauchi. I really can’t differentiate of Bauchi and Jos has more mosques! Maybe a survey would be done regarding that sooner but to me, I still feel Jos was livelier than Bauchi. Lots of beautiful houses with designs, extravagant roof which defines each house with its uniqueness and making it look different among others. Such is the beauty of Jos. At 5.05pm, we got to the University of Jos. It’s really nice getting out of the 3weeks bondage NYSC has conferred on us. Really good seeing the town of Jos as our bus stroll pass their scruffy .Am also seeing some couple of corpers in a mosque along the road too.

Am really tired of this bus as he stops again at the young shall grow park in Jos. It’s currently 5.25pm. I dropped from the bus to urinate, get a plate of food which I regret buying because it was tasteless. At 6.47pm, the bus set sail to move. I called Kike, Tosin’s friend to get information from her and she told me to get back to her later. Am surprised that there was no much harmattan within the town of Jos! We’ve got a stranger among us who sat on the ground. He joined after the stopover in Jos. After Goddy and I rose the alarm but we were told the driver is aware of it.

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