My school Adventures episode 4

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. episode 4.

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.well. after the closing bell. we went straight to the nany and collected broom and started the sweeping.we did everything in silent and headed back home. but when i reached home i saw my mother washing my cloth something she hardly does. i just greeted her and went in. she told me that my food is in the kitchen but i dont really have apetite to eat cause i am happy or is it because of the kiss i received from sandra. well i just brought my sit outside and sat near my mom.but mum asked me a question i never expected.
mum; do you have a girlfriend
me: no.
mum; why am asking is that you are no more a teenager. you can now father a child. you have to be very careful o. maybe because she saw the hard pour i had in the morning that y she is saying all this. well after so much talking. i went in and saw a text message from an unsaved number. “ben pls can we meet in the school now its sandra its me sandra”.
me: reply the text are not serious.who gave you my number. immediately i sent it to her i switched off my phone.
well nothing eventful happened only my brother who came back disturbing as normal.
it was soon morning i just prepared and dash out to school without eating. when i entered i saw someone in my desk. and a girl for that matter crying. when i raised up her head i noticed it was sandra. i exclaimed sandra what happened.she looked straight into my eyes and said ben can you say you don’t love me
me:sandra not what you are thinking. I

.watch out epi5


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