My Virgin Story (18+) episode 4

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My virgin story
Episode 4
In school I was attending this cool fellowship,
Beleivers Love-world. It was known on campus to
have many pretty girls in attendance. I was a
regular member of the church. In-fact I soon join
the choir. The first day I served in the choir, I
noticed there was this girl beside me with a
sweet, soprano voice. I never bothered to look
through out this service cos I was busy singing
along. Immediately after this service, I decided to
look nd lo and behold, I found myself looking into
the yes of this very beautiful damsel. She was
dark, with beautiful smooth skin. She was tall, in
fact taller than me. She was slim, with tiny waist. I
first complimented her sweet voice, then
introduced myself to her as Lekan and she said
her name was Precious. She said she was in the
school of business and I said I was in the school
of sciences. That was all about that. Up to that
moment, she was one of the most beautiful girls
I’ve come across on campus and I felt I stood no
chance with her so i decided to take things slow.
We kept on seeing each other every sunday but
we never got beyond being mere acquaintances
and only exchanged greetings. I was desperate to
move to the next level but disn’t know how to.
Then something happened that brought us
It was in the middle of the hammattan season.
Second semester exams were fast approaching
and students were reading like hell, trying to
catch up on their books. Students read in classes
late into the night and even slept in the classes
not minding the cold. I decided to go to the
school of business to read at night because that’s
where most of the beautiful girls on campus
usually went. One night, I was busy with my
books as usual when I felt someone tap me on
the back. I looked behind me and saw myself
looking at precious.
“Hello, remember me?”she smiled at me.
What, I thought in my mind. There was no way I
couldn’t remember her. Hell, I’ve been dreaming
about her.
She came and sat beside me. There was a science
course we used to take together with business
students. It was an elective for them and many of
them found it difficult although we science
students found it easier. She said that was an
opportunity for her as she had been looking for
somebody to take her through the course. I was
happy, finally an opportunity to take things to the
next level. We started reading together
everynight in the class. she would cal me in the
evening before going to class and I would go and
join her in the class. I later realized she was a big
girlon campus. Actually she was dating one of the
SUG members.Well, I didn’t care.
One night, we were reading together in the class
when I realized Precious was feeling
uncomfortable. She told me she wanted to stroll
and asked me to accompany her which I obliged.
We stolled down the balcony of the school of
business holding hands. we went towards the
hostel, gisting along the way. As we walked and
got closer to the park around the hostel, I felt her
hand tighten around mine. The park was a shade
of trees with concrete seats. it was popular as a
hangout for lovers. On this night it was dimly lit
and several parts of it were dark. Precious asked
us to settle in the darker part of the park and we
continued gisting. Then she started complaining
that she was feeling cold. As a guy, I knew what
she wanted but i acted ignorant cos she was so
beautiful I didn’t trust myself around her. I
started explaining to her that the female body
system was subject to heat changes much more
than the male system, I was getting intellectual
and I knew it was getting her frustrated. Then at a
point, she removed her hand from mine and
looked me in the eyes. Even as I looked at her
beautiful eyes, I felt an aching in my groin and I
knew if we made contact I wouldn’t be able to
control myself.
“Why are you telling me all this. I said I am cold
and you can’t do anything about it.”
That was the last rebuke I needed to hear. It was
the final green-light to move on. I moved closer
and wrapped my arms around her. She snuggled
closer and laid her head on my chest. The contact
was electrifying. I felt a shock ring through my
body and several fantasies playing out in my
mind. Then I kissed her.—
I crushed my lips on hers with passion. It was my
first kiss and I wasn’t sure how it would turn out
cos it was just momentary. I didn’t think before
kissing her. But damn! I never knew a girl’s lips
could taste that sweet. She responded with equal
fervour, sucking in my lips. then I pushed in my
tongue and she sucked it in too. I tasted the
interior of her mouth, then tasted her tongue. It
was obvious she had been licking tom-tom, cos I
tasted that sweet, minty taste on her tongue. We
just kept kissing for several minutes. I think she
really liked it. She kept snuggling closer. she drew
her hand and started caressing my chest. She
moved to my face and kept touching me all over.
Then she slipped her hand through my shirt and
started stroking my bare chest. All this while we
were still kissing. men, It was crazy. My J-man
was already stiff, ready to spring into action. My
jeans was bulging and pushing on her. She felt it
on her side, shifted a little and looked into my
eyes smiling. I managed to break free of her
Mouth. I was eager to start using my mouth
elsewhere. I pulled her up so that she was sitting
partly on my laps and her bosom was in the full
glare of my face. She must have known what I
had in mind cos she quickly removed her
cardigan, leaving the strapless top she was
wearing underneath. I slipped my hand through
her top, to her back and unhooked her bra, using
my other hand to support her.I roamed my
hands over the twin oranges. They were not big
but they were not small either. I liked them cos
they were firm. I squeezed the unmentionables
for a while, then started flicking my fingers over
her nipples. I would place a nipple between two
fingers and roll on them. I was desperate to
bleep her but I was patient, Throughout my life, I
had never been in a hurry. I wanted to enjoy
every moment and wanted to give her plaesure
too. She started giving a low, pleasurable moan
which I really liked. Then she crushed herlips on
my mouth and we started kissing again. Once
more, I broke the kiss and started planting soft
kisses all over her face. she was smiling, making
giggling sounds, enjoying it. Then I ifted her top
to expose her unmentionables. i couldn’t see
them cos it was very dark. Then I set my mouth
on her unmentionables and started sucking. I put
a nipple in between my lips and started rolling
my tongue on it. At the same time I grabbed the
other orange in my other hand and squeezed.
She started making sweet noises, which started
growing louder as I sucked her unmentionables.
At a time, I squeezed the two oranges together
and flicked my tongue across the two tosy niples
at the same time. men, she was shuddering. She
moved her hand to my jeans, opened my zipper
and slipped in. She started playing with my
engorged instrument. The sensation was crazy, I
started moaning myself as I felt intense pleasure
from her touches. I was drifting into paradise,
floating on oceans of pleasure. Suddenly, I felt a
bright light shining towards us.
“Who are those?”I heard a deep, hoarse voice
close to us.
Precious shrank in fright, but I kept my cool,
ready to challenge who it was that was disturbing
my pleasure. unfortunately, Precious had quickly
removed herself from me. She stood up and
quickly wore her cardigan. She kept her removed
bra in the pocked of her jeans. I looked at her, all
the passion had dissolved. For me it was another
broken lovemaking session——-

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