My virgin Story (18+) episode 7

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My virgin story ……. Episode 6 .: Stories
My virgin story
Episode 6
When she left, after some time, Sandra came
down from her bed and came towards Titi’s
corner where i sat. she rummaged through Titi’s
collection of magazines for a while, pretending to
search for something. Then she looked up and
saw me looking at her.
“You don’t like me, do you” she asked.
“what are you talking about?”
she walked to me and sat down beside me on the
bed. There was a friendly look in her eyes. for the
first time I saw her smiling at me and that made
me have a feeling that something special was
going on.
” Don’t pretent you like me when you shun me at
every opportunity. you don’t even answer me
when I greet you. Have i offended you.”
“No, I’m actually the one wondering why you
snob me all the time. Actually I have nothing
against you.”
She smiled again then. She looked down, and
played with her fingers as if she was shy. Sandra
beeing shy infront of a guy, that was incredible.
then she looked up and smiled at me in an
attractive, sensual manner.
“Actually, I really like you but it seems you don’t
feel the same about me. I feel sad each time you
ignore me and show love to my friend instead. I
have been attracted to you since the first day i
met you.”
That was all I needed to hear for my body to
spring to attention. I felt a tension in my groin
immediately. readers you should understand that
sandra was a very sensuous, seductive person
who knew how to seduce a man. Her whole body
was a turn on and she can deplore any part of
her body to turn a man on at will. As she talked, I
felt my body awakening, like a giant that had
been sleeping for a long time.
“Let me make love to you Lekan, and you will see
what a real man is like”
All the time i had spent with Titi, denying myself
of the pleasure of S€x crossed my mind and the
desire to bleep sandra started growing. I was still
thinking when i felt her move closer and I felt her
breathe on my face. Then she kissed me. It was a
deep, sensous kiss that made my blood very hot.
all the thoughts of my girlfriend vanished
instantly and all i wanted at that moment was to
bleep this b—-h. Then I hear footsteps
approaching and we quickly broke the kiss. Titi
came in and found us sitting side by side. she
was happy that i was finally getting along with
sandra not knowing what had happened. I felt
guilty though, remembering all the love that titi
had devoted to me. I decided I would not yield to
Sandra’s seduction as she might be testing me
for Titi. That evening i was already on my way to
my room when i felt a note in my pocket
‘See you in your room tommorrow, by’
The following day was a saturday. Titi had
informed me that she was travelling to her
hometown so she wasn’t around. i could’t sleep
throughout the night. I kept thinking about
Sandra’s S€xual advances and weighing them
against how much love I have for Titi. I didn’t
know whether I should yield finally to sandra’s
seduction or refuse to cheat and lose a good
bleep. Pictures of Sandra kept crossing my mind;
the curves, the killer hips, the huge bosoms, the
round, heavy booty. somehow, something began
to tell me that I could bleep her and keep Titi
from knowing. I ended by concluding that Sandra
would not come as she was only joking with me
and she would have had other big boys to think
about and forget about me. I talked to my friend
gentle about it and he just laughed it off and said
she was probably joking. He said I should wait
for her at that time and find out what she really
wanted. My other two roommates had travelled.
By 5:pm, gentle left the room, leaving me alone.
Sandra came by 6:30 pm. As we greeted and I
asked her to sit down, my heart was beating fast
but I tried to be calm. She was wearing a mini
skirt made of silky material and a tight top that
showed her curves glaringly. I could see her
nipples pointing out through the fabric of the top
and it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. I
realized that she was really serious and
somehow I knew I would not be able to stop her.
She was a seductress, an enchantress. As I
watched her sipping the bottle of coke I gave her,
she looked at me and winked.
“You are looking very S€xy.”she remarked in an
enchanting, S€xy voice and I felt my heart
melting. She stood up and came towards me. She
motioned in the direction of the door and I
quickly locked it. I knew what she was doing to
me but I couldn’t stop her.
“Sit down and relax, am just here to play with
I wanted to say something but it got stuck in my
throat. I sat down on my bed as she commanded.
The thoughts of Titi were fading fast from my
mind. She came to the bed and sat on my laps,
facing me and straddling me with her two legs on
either side. I felt the smooth thick flesh of her
bum-bum on my laps and my Jman sprang to
That move killed every atom of resistance within
me. All that was on my mind was that today I was
going to be disvirgined, I would finally enter
Babylon after several years of laying siege to the
city. Then she kissed me. I ate her lips as if I was
hungry and i hadn’t eaten for days. i was hungry,
hungry for S€x. Every S€xual feeling that had
been dormant in me suddenly awoke and started
manifesting. As we kissed, she was caressing my
body. My hands strayed to her bum and started
kneading and fumbling. I used my two hands to
shift her skirt up. Then my right hand started
rubbing her laps. Her hands were roaming all
over my body, even as we kissed. I broke this kiss
for a moment to remove my singlet and her top.
The sight of her topless chest sent S€xual shivers
down my spine. I found myself staring at two
huge, round, ripe oranges with taut nipples
pointing at me invitingly. The boobs were big, I
didn’t hesitate to set my mouth on those
unmentionables. I sucked, licked,bit, flicked,
rubbed, caressed, fondled, and juggled those tits,
there was nothing I didn’t do to them. Then, while
still busy with my mouth, my hands strayed
under her skirt, up her thighs. I slipped my right
hand through her panties and felt her naked
bum. At this time she was moaning, making low,
soft sounds of pleasure. She started rolling her
bum on my laps so as to stimulate my stiff
instrument. After fondling her bum for a while, I
slipped a finger inside the kitty. I first felt the clit,
I rubbed gently on it, then roll it in between two
fingers. Then I deeped the finger inside the kitty.
The interior was soft, warm and wet. By now
Sanda was moaning loudly, obviously enjoying
what I was doing to her. In my mind I wanted to
bleep her so much she would never forget me in
her life. But I wanted her to beg for it and then I
would pound her till her kitty gets sore. I started
fingering her, first with my index finger while
sucking her unmentionables. She was moaning
“Uh, hah, baby. Please I need more.”she moaned
into my ears. I inserted another finger and
continued fingering. Her p—-33y was now very
wet yet she wanted more. I inserted two more
fingers and dug in. She screamed in ecstacy as
she came and my hand was bathed in her come. I
brought out my hand and wiped her wet come on
her chest. She was in a desperate mood now. She
looked at me with surprise, as if she was shocked
I could make love this good. She quickly slipped
off my laps which were already getting painful
now. Before I knew it, she pulled off my trousers,
knelt down before me and had my Jman in her
hands. She started stroking the ramrod stiff
instrument, lingering around the cap to
concentrate sensations. Then she plunged it into
her mouth, nearly taking me in completely(I have
an average d—k, not a goliath).
Oh my God, the feeling was sensational.
Audience this was my first BJ and I had no idea
how sweet it was until I felt my equipment being
licked and sucked by this vixen. It was as if all the
pleasures in this world had concentrated on my
d—k as she sucked and rolled her tongue on the
cap. I must confess she is really good. It was so
sweet that I came in her mouth. She wasn’t
offended, she quicly spat the cum out into a
nearby bucket but part of it was still hanging on
her face. Seeing that come all over her face made
me more horny.
“Lekan, Please I want you inside me now.”she
pleaded. She was S€xually high. I thought in my
mind “Not yet baby, am still gonna do things to
you that will make you beg more.”
I carried her and dumped her on the bed. I deftly
removed her pant and hitched up her skirt,
bringing me face to face with her pulsating, wet,
deep kitty. I moved closer, preparing to plunge
my face into that kitty and suck the living daylight
out of the b—h.
My eyes caught the window as I moved closer
and I saw somebody at the window looking at
Readers, can you guess who it was?

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