Oluchi, the travails of terror episode 9

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She lay on the hospital gurney , stirrups holding up her legs , her mind in the depths of turmoil .
Beside her the matron prepared a hypodermic syringe , or was necessary to reduce her anxiety.
Oluchi mind flashed back to the doctors office , where just two days ago, the doctor had made a medical diagnosis that to her was a death sentence .
“ You are not sick, you are pregnant ”
The smile on the doctors face as he made the announcement was quickly replaced by a look of distraught panic when Oluchi fainted right there in his office.
Just sixteen and inexperienced in matters of the nature, she was I ’ ll prepared to handle the shock of the news and the sudden flood of emotions made her lose consciousness.
It took a combined team of the doctor and a nurse to revive her , and sensing her displeasure at the news, the sly doctor had suggested that she have the baby surgically terminated .
And now , barely forty eight hours later, here she was, lying on a stretcher and ready to snuff the life out of her barely unborn son .
But who was to blame her ?
The child was a product of rape , and she surmised , could never be loved as much as a child born from consent.
The child was not to blame for its unfortunate existence , so it ought not to be subjected to a life of second guessing its mothers affection, and so , it ought to die .
Her thoughts mingled freely with the tears pouring from her face , barely noticeable to her , but obvious to any possible onlooker.
The nurse finally prepared the syringe and administered it to her , prompting her to drift into a dreamless sleep .
She awoke in what she thought to be a few seconds later, but in actual fact was a full hour to a sense of foreboding.
It was not the shall pain in her abdomen radiating to her back they caused her to wall unsafe, nor the haste with which the attendants and surgeon rushed back and forth between the monitor and the life support machine.
No , it was the look of defeat etched on their faces that caused her to develop the chills.
It was the look you gave a dying dog when it lay crushed in the middle of the street , and you could or would do absolutely nothing about it.
In that instant , she realized that she was the dog, but instead of the street, a hospital bed sheet, on which she could spy her blood leak and stain .
And then , she knew she was going to die, far away from anyone who meant anything to her .
The pain intensified and she saw her whole life flash before her eyes. Her mother , father , siblings, step mom. All made a living panorama, her new found fame and success, and finally , while the last of her life left her , she saw her baby as a man , she knew it was him, and before she could cry for forgiveness, she was dead.

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