perfect rejection season 2 episode 28

perfect rejection season 2 episode 28

November 13, 2017 perfect rejection season 2
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“Anger” according to the dictionary, is “a strong feeling of displeasure, hostility or antagonism towards someone or something, usually combined with urge to harm”. It is obvious nobody takes a right decision in anger. Anger is a product of emotion, and decisions made base on emotions are always catastrophic.

It was too late for me to be sorry for myself. I took my decision to leave based on how I felt that very moment. I should have at least left with either Temmy or Funmi or all of them. And now I’ve off my phone which means there is no way I could be traced.

I woke up from the blackout sitting on a chair with my legs and hand tied backwards to the chair in the same room I lodged. The first lady that came into the room was the only one with me. I tried to untie myself and be free since I’m dealing with just a lady in the room and I can’t see her holding any weapon. I thought I could handle her.

Lady: Don’t even bother, you are still weak and that rope was well tied.

Me: Who are you? What’s my offense?

Lady: Cool down Mr. nice guy. You did not do anything wrong. I’m only being asked to watch you and you coming here made my work easier. Just chill, my clients will be here soon.

Me: Who is your client and what does he want from me?

Lady: Well one of them want to talk, while the other needs something from you, Rich Boy.

Me: I am not a rich boy, if what you are looking for is money, you are on a long thing. My mother got nothing to give you.

Lady: Although I don’t need your money, but you are wrong. Your Uncle is enough to meet any demand I make. He wouldn’t want to lose his heir.

Me: (Laughing) That would have worked yesterday, or early this morning, but right now, you are on a long thing. He’s no more my Uncle. He doesn’t care where I am and I don’t care too.

Lady: You are wrong again. They’ve all been in the streets looking for you. I’m sure police will be involved soon.

Me: I don’t believe you. even if it’s true, they can’t involve police because I left home by myself.

Lady: You might be right with that. By the way, happy birthday to you.

Me: Thank you so much (Laughing)

Lady: Why are you laughing? Those ropes are not paining you I guess

Me: I’m laughing because it’s funny

Lady: What’s funny?

Me: I’m a twin and my twin sister was kidnapped earlier today, now I’m being kidnapped too by a lady. What a way to celebrate our birthday.

Lady: You are not being kidnapped. The moment you give what is demanded of you by my clients, you are free.

Me: You must be very strong for two people to trust you to kidnap me.

Lady: Actually only one paid for it, the other person is my friend. It’s a favour to her.

Me: Wao! Kidnapping me is favouring somebody. I don’t know I’m that precious.

Lady: Irony of life right?

Me: Let me guess, your client is Fred right?

Lady: Which Fred? Seems you’ve offended many people. When my client comes, you’ll see.

Me: And who is your friend you are favouring? What does he wants?

Lady: She not he. She needs something only you could give her.

Me: And she must ask while I’m in bonds? That’s more like stealing. Anyway, it’s alright.

Lady: How’s that hand?

Me: You tied to the back, what do you think?

Lady: Sorry about it, it’s only for a while. All will end tonight.

Me: Am I supposed to rejoice with that?

Lady: Maybe. What will you like to eat?

Me: (Laughs) You said all will end tonight and now you are asking what I’ll like to eat. It’s better you put it as “what will you like as your last supper?”

Lady: (Laughing) You need to eat something. That drug will last longer in your body without food. Tell me what you have appetite for.

Me: You

Lady: I don’t get you?

Me: I have appetite for you

Lady: You want to eat me?

Me: In and out

Lady: (Laughs) I thought they said you are not a player.

Me: I play when there is a good ball and nice playing field.

Lady: Hmm, you are calling your abductor good?

Me: I thought you said you did not kidnap me. Anyway, being my abductor does not stop you from being beautiful.

Lady: (She chucks) Beautiful? Are you blind? The drug is still working great in you.

Me: Maybe, but I know beauty when I see one, no matter the condition I am.

Lady: Hmm, thank you.

Me: So what’s your name?

Lady: Call me V girl

Me: V for Venessa?

Lady: No, Victoria, but why am I telling you all that, as if we are friends? Eat Mr. Man, I’ll bring you food.

She left the room and off the light. She also locked the door from the back. I tried to untie myself picturing those Hollywood moment I’ve seen but all my effort results in nothing. The rope was strong and well tied.

She came back with another lady, probably the friend she was favouring. The lady hides herself where I could not directly see her before the light was put on by Victoria. She also brought some food and wanted to feed me by herself. I rejected the food but was very thirsty and therefore took the drink from her.

Some minutes after taking the drinks I started feeling dizzy. I couldn’t see clearly again as I was struggling not to sleep.

Victoria: This thing works on you faster than I thought. You said you want to eat me, well here I am. You have enough to eat now.

She started pulling off her clothes as the friend who has left her hiding followed suit. I felt so weak and dizzy and was dozing off per time but victoria kept waking me up.

She started to caress my body and eventually loosened the ropes. I tried to stand I tried to stand immediately and run but I was too weak to lift any part of the body. The only part of my body working right that moment was my ear, as I could hear their conversation audibly, though I couldn’t recognize the voices again.

They carried me on the mattress and started caressing my body together as they remove my clothes while I blurredly watched on helplessly. I could feel a hand on my guy but even him was too weak to respond to stimuli. I then heard the two voices arguing with themselves.

Voice1: I told you that will make him weak

Voice2: No, we were too slow; maybe we should apply the second one.

Voice1: That might kill him, he doesn’t do drugs

Voice2: You mean, he doesn’t even smoke or something?

Voice1: He doesn’t even take alcohol self

Voice2: Na wa o, that’s why that drug makes him this week.

Voice1: You’ve used this one before?

Voice2: Severally, men do take it themselves. You don’t know it?

Voice1: I don’t do stuffs like that, but I heard that man saying it can kill.

Voice2: That’s what I’m telling you. You are too soft. We’ll give him this one, just small quantity. It can’t kill him and if he went out for too long, water will do it.

Voice1: Are you sure? Please he must not die o.

Voice2: He won’t die, and even if he dies, you’ll still get what you want.

Voice1: No, it won’t make any sense again. I want him alive.

I heard another female voice different from the first two and I can’t tell if it’s my head playing tricks on me. I tried to recognize Victoria’s voice but I couldn’t as I could not pin the other two voices to anybody.

At that point I could not see anything again but I felt a needle entering my laps. Few seconds after I felt the needle pain, my third leg received an involuntary strength and I started feeling severe pain from it. Few minutes later I was out again.

I woke up tied to the chair again. I have my clothes back on as I could not remember anything from the point I was injected with whatever substance it was.

Victoria: You are back. We were scared you’ll not make it. My client is here but I’m sorry you can’t see him.

She uses hood to cover my face as the man came out from hiding and started speaking. I could sense the person was trying to fake voice but I still found the voice familiar.

Voice: Will Will, I heard you co-operate a lot. Don’t worry boy, you’ll soon be totally free. Your uncle owes me some dough and will not pay. So I needed you to ask him to pay but fortunately for you, he has paid after I called him this evening. We’ll tell them where you are but we won’t untie you. You know it’s dangerous.

Victoria: You never told me your name. But I heard him calling you Will, so permit me to call you Willie. Please take care of yourself, we’ll surely meet again.

I heard the man calling someone telling the person where I am as they both exit the room, leaving me covered with the hood.


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