Poor but rich episode 11

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Episode 11
I got to corper zainab’s office, I met her sitting, pressing her phone
Me: morning
Corper zainab: morning, baby boy
**chai, I don become baby boy shaperly, make she no implicate me oooo**
Corper zainab: how was your night?
Me: good
Corper zainab: hmmmmm, thanks for Saturday, you really hit me hard
Me: common, stop being naughty..
**we both laugh**
Corper zainab: so are you going for excursion?
Me: yeah
Corper zainab: wow, who gave you money?
Me: my mum, she gave me #10,000
Corper zainab: oh, I already arranged the #5,000 for you today, I just want to give it to you as a surprise
Me: wow, that’s so sweet of you
Corper zainab: your mum gave you #10,000 instead of #5,000
Me: yes
Corper zainab: how, did you lie to your mum?
Me: no, I told her it’s #5,000, she told me to save the remaining #5,000 and use it for anything I want
Corper zainab: wow, that’s so sweet of her
Me: hmmmmm
Corper zainab: wait, tolu, there is something I want to ask you
Me: what’s that?
Corper zainab: is it true that your parent are very poor, as everybody in school is saying?
Me: please, I want this to be a secret between us
Corper zainab: okay, I will, I promise
Me: am not from a poor family, I am the last born of the popular business man, mike owoeye
Corper zainab: really?
Me: yes
Corper zainab: tell me more please..
Me: okay,my dad built is mansion at that area because he want a very quiet environment, that’s why everybody thinks am a village boy
Corper zainab: hmm, what about your mum?
Me: she’s a business woman, she imports jewellery, bags, shoes, clothes to the country and she’s on business trip now
Corper zainab: wow, but why don’t you want people to know? It can save you from being bullied by your classmates
Me: yes you are right, but to tell you the real fact, I love it when people mock me
Corper zainab: what a human being
**we both laugh**
Me: I have to go now
Corper zainab: am also going to your class, let’s go together
Me: okay
**we both head to my class, everybody stands up and greet her, I dropped her bag on one of the desks, she wrote linear equations on the chalk board, then she wrote solve this linear equation 3x +2=8
Corper zainab: if you know the answer, raise your hand
**i raised my hand**
Corper zainab: **referring to me** baby.. tolu**chai, this woman nearly implicated me sha, God save me ooo**
***i got to the front, collect the chalk from her, then I wrote the answer:
Collect like terms..bla,bla
Corper zainab: wow, that’s very good of you, keep it up.
Me: thanks
**everybody started starring at me, yee mogbe**
****it’s closing time, I got home, I noticed that my mum is back****
Me: mummy, welcome
Mum: my son
**we hugged each other**
Me: I missed you so much mum
Mum: I missed you too, my son
Me: so what do you have for me?
Mum: I bought you a new ipad 3
Me: wow
**she gave me the new Apple ipad3 with 64gb internal memory, I was very happy, then something happened..**

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