Poor but rich episode 13

Poor but rich episode 13

March 13, 2017 Poor but rich
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I saw corper cynthia, she’s one of the female corpers serving in our school, she’s corper zainab’s friend.
me: nothing, we are just talking about something
corper cynthia: oh really?
me: yeah
(she saw the ipnone 6)
corper cynthia: zainab, whose phone is this?
corper zainab: its tolu’s phone
(corper cynthia turned to me)
tolu, is this your phone?
me: yes, its my phone,but please i want you to keep this as a secret
corper cynthia: but how come? aren’t you a poor boy?
me: well, am not a poor boy, but i like the fact that everybody calls me a poor boy, cos, with that you’ll get peace of mind
corper cynthia: hmmm, this is complicated, i cant believe this, tolu, you? iphone 6 plus, incredible
me: lol
corper zainab: hey guys, lets talk about something else
corper cynthia: i still cant believe this
me: corper zainab, its closing time, i have to go home now, its 4:00pm already
corper zainab: wow, i dont know time has gone self
me: goodnight
both: goodnight!!!!!!
**i got home, i met my mum in the sitting room**
me: good afternoon mum
mum: good afternoon son, how was school today?
me: good
i went straight to my room, took some shower, went to the kitchen for some food, after lunch i did my assignment, everything went well for that day……
its wednesday morning, i woke up, ohhh, its a day to our excursion day, i thought, took my bath, collect my t-fare from my mum, and dash out of our compound…….
i got to school, guess who the first person i saw was, james or temmy? **oh nooo, you are wrong**its james..
me: james, good morning
James: the morning isn’t good, i just want to tell you that i heard everything that you say, but i dont need your advice, i just want to tell you that the battle line has just been drawn, i am going to make your life more miserable, watch out for james!!!!!!
******chai, am in trouble, will i be able to face this boy and his gang?******
two hours later, mr badmus,the geography teacher came to the class to announce the excursion stuff to us
mr badmus: tomorrow is our excursion day, so you must all be here, as early as possible by 6:00am tomorrow morning, and make sure you dress decently, wash and iron your clothe very well**story for the gods, i thought**bring your mobile phones with you, so that your parent wont be much worried about you, i wish you best of luck….
class: thank you sir!!!
james turned to me
james: tolu, sorry, you will be the only person left in school tomorrow, or better still you can just stay at your village
**everybody started laughing, asking me all sort of questions**
me, i don lock up oooo, i just dey look at them the way people watch that white clothe that normally display video, i don forget the thing name sef, abeg, someone should help me oooo
****whats going to happen during the excursion trip? watch out for episode 14…..


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