Price of virginity episode 2

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The Price Of Vir.ginity Episode 2.

One Month After i got an admission to university, i was now preparing to
travel from my house to my school, i will take off early morning the next day,
at night around 8pm, my mother called me to give me a piece of advice.

she said to me….. Ann please when you get to school, dont forget whom you are,
dont forget the kind of christian home you came from.
Then she drew closer to my ear and said….”keep your vir.ginity and dont fall so cheap to loose what you have been keeping since from your childhood”.
I nod my head with fear and said ok mum.

The next day i traveled to my school, everybody in my hostel room welcomed me and they were very happy.
After some weeks, i got this close friend of mine named Bekky, she is also my room mate, Bekky was a hot girl, she loves flexing with friends, she have a boyfriend called Emeka, they love their self very well, Emeka normally comes to our hostel and will spend all day
chatting and playing with Bekky, sometimes they kiss in my presence, and emeka will carry Bekky on his laps.
As time goes on, i was so lonely but always reading my books, a day came, bekky said she want to have a word with me, she advised me to have one boyfriend who can play with me, chat with me,
make me happy and also keep me busy, i told bekky that i cant do it, that its a sin to me, Becky told me that having one boyfriend is not a sin, unless if you have two, you love one and cheat on one, thats when boyfriend becomes sin.
i said ok that i will give it a second thought, after some weeks, Emeka invited me and Bekky to his birthday party which will hold the next day, i told bekky that i dont go to parties, she laughed and said…. you are not going on your own, you will just accompany me, we will not stay long, we will just spend
some hours and we will be back.
The next day which was Emeka’s birthday, me and bekky dressed and went for the birthday, as we arrived the
place, i saw many girls wearing shorts, they were tweaking and dancing with guys, have never seen such, i was so afraid. so i seated at one conner while Bekky went to meet with emeka, the place was so noisy, music was playing and guys were making noise and dancing, after some minutes, a guy came to me and said….hello pretty girl, may i know your name?
I was afraid and i became short of words.
The guy said…. babe talk to me, what is your name, i said my name is Ann, the guy added…my own name is tony,
Tony: Am a student in this campus, am studying BUSINESS ADIM, and you?
ME: Please this place is too noisy for us to be having this kind of discussion, as i was talking with him, my phone rang,
lo and behold it was my mum.
Where are you Ann? that place is too noisy and am hearing some background music, [MY MUM ASKED] I replied with fear, mummy am in the church, we are having a youth program, this is an offering time, thats why you are
hearing those musical instrument. OK i will call you back Ann. [she cuts the call] I was so sad, this is the first time am lying to my mum.



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