Donations 5.0 (The Beast)


Here comes a very super  powerful  50% ROI (Adjustable to any percentage) script to set up your next ponzi website.  This powerful script features:

  1. Recommitment features
  2. % down-payment
  3. % Recommitment reserve
  4.  SMS verification
  5. Email verification
  6. ( 50 % ROI, Adjustable to any percentage on admin dasboard)
  7. Blog
  8. Clean admin dashboard 
  9. Clean user dashboard 
  10. News Management
  11. support tickect
  12. Email users on PH and GH
  13. Super secured
  14. Local currency
  15. Easy to set up
  16. Testimonies page
  17. Social media integration
  18. Manual merging
  19.  automatic merging 
  20. Automerge timer
  21.  autopurge. 
  22. peer to peer
  23. PH and GH timer
  24. Easy to set Maturity date
  25. support ticket system
  26. Upload of pop
  27. user profile picture
  28. custom landing page
  29. Credibility scores
  30. Referral system
  31. referral bonuses
  32. News management
  33. Urgent dashboard messages
  34. live chat feature
  35. Set up guide 
  36. Bugs free
  37. Professional support 

        And lots more.

Set up a full ponzi website today and start making money on your peer to peer website today.  This powerful script cost just N64,999 (promo price).

Contact us today

  • Email :
  • Whatsapp : 08069816682

Demo website:

USER dashboard: 

  user: user

Password: 123456789

Admin dashboard: Available on Request

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