proofs that Apostle suleman actually bought a car for Daniella

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Just to clarify. I have no idea if Stephanie’s Allegations are true or not…
But I looked at the Sahara Reporters articles which said the Mercedes was bought by Apostle Suleman and that the details where later removed from the Lagos Car Registration Website .
I have confirmed this to be true using the Internet Archive:WayBack Machine (an independent international archive that keeps track of websites and the changes to them over time)

So clearly he bought the car and the details were immediately removed when the truth came out. Personally I have to say this gives quite some credibility to Stephanie’s Claims. But thats for you to decide

Anyway… Enough Talk… here are the steps

Before you start you can visit the link to the website
Using Google Chrome, right click {press and hold on mobile devices}, on any empty space anywhere on the page and select “View Page Source”
Scroll down till you see the car details (Pic 1 below). Clearly there is nothing there with Apostle Johnson’s name (Pic 1)

Now Start

1) Visit WayBack Machine (
2) Copy and paste the same link in the search bar.
It’s the exact same one that leads to the the current details for the car on the MOTOR VEHICLE ADMINISTRATION AGENCY (MVAA) website. Click the “Browse History” button
(Pic 2)
3) It will show a Calendar view , simply click on the the date 12th of March ( the earliest record WayBackMachine has… this is essentially what was on the site on the 12th of March…) (Pic 3)
4) Wait for the window to load, Now right-click anywhere as you did before (in step 1) and choose “View Page Source”
5) Scroll down and you’ll his name as car owner in green font. (Pic 4)

No one can claim any political or religious attack for this particular one. It’s there in black and white. he bought the car for Daniella.. No question…
As to why he bought it… that’s a matter for you to decide…

Make up your minds by yourself
A word is enough for the wise.


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