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The first semester was so fast. Maybe I wasn’t so focused on my primary assignment in school. Linda was my major problem. I wouldn’t blame her anyways, I was the lover boy. I did her assignment, did most of her tests but would leave her to her fate during exam. I remembered a day I was almost caught by Dr. Okolo: the most wicked lecturer in my department. I was writing Linda’s test and mine simultaneously. He knew what I was doing and pretended he didn’t see me. I outsmarted him anyways. When he caught me, he couldn’t find any evidence on me to prosecute me with. “Sharp guy” I said to myself.
I spent most of the pocket money Papa sent to me directly and indirectly on Linda. Sometimes I would take her to fast food joint. I would buy stuffs for her, I would get to my hostel and start counting ceilings every night for some days before I would lie to Papa that I needed to buy this big book .God forgive me. But was it not better to lie than to die of hunger? Afterall “stealing is not corruption” in our country. Linda could eat everything that comes her way, she wouldn’t say no to anything edible. I didn’t have choice. I liked the girl and she was too beautiful to let go. God save me!
We wrote first semester exam. I helped Linda the little way I could, She would follow me to night class. The first day she called that she wanted us to go to night class, I felt like I won a sport-bet jackpot. I rushed into the bathroom, Damn! Boys just full everywhere .I rushed downstairs and had my bath in the open air, I rushed to the room which was as hot as hell. When I was done, the drops of water on my body were almost turning to sweat and I borrowed perfume from Richie the finest boy in my room. Not that Richie was the most handsome anyways but he took care of his body and wore sophisticated clothes and cosmetics.
I rushed down to class and I met Linda waiting for me patiently. “what kept you so long?” she said blinking her eyes. “I’m sorry sweetheart” I replied forming good boy and romantic boyfriend. She held my hand and that was strange anyways. was is that she has finally given in?, Well!!!, I have to watch my back. We started and this girl didn’t know anything. How the hell did she gained admission? I did my part after all. She finally rested on my shoulder when she was tired. Could this be the greenlight I have been waiting for? Time will tell anyways.
I felt something like a vita foam covered with flesh on my shoulder. What! This is my wonderland. I swear I can live like this forever. I wished I could make the sun stand still like the biblical Joshua. This time I never wanted the sun to shine again. My thing was already responding to this stimulus. What else do u expect?; it’s a living thing you know! I moved my right arm closer. Bad guy! I believed she was asleep. ‘Dickson please move your hand away’ , I almost fainted when I heard that from her. Firstly, I thought she was asleep and I should take my chances. Then secondly, I thought she was playing along. I didn’t know what to do next. I moved my hand slightly, at least, to please her. But how do I deal with this water melon on my shoulder?. I looked around the class and there were still many guys like me but who are either assistant boyfriends or the real boyfriends.
I couldn’t take it anymore. “Linda let’s just stroll out now” I said, expecting her to give in. ‘See me I am tire jaree’ she responded in a low tone. After much argument she finally gave in. We went out, bought popcorn and coca cola soft drink, we kept moving till we got to this silent and dark orchard. I proposed we enter the orchard. ‘Please I don’t want to’ she said, but I knew she would follow me there. She didn’t stop following me.
The orchard was so cool and silent and she sat down with me closely. We ate the popcorn and sip the coke in silence. We were done, she requested to sleep on my lap. Oh! What a great request! What else could I pray for?, She slept on my lap while I was resting my back by the side of the orange tree. After fifteen minutes a strange sound emanated from our adjacent side. I listen carefully to be able to decipher if the voice was that of a spirit or human. ‘Hush, hun, yeah’ The voice continued resounding. Sometimes the tone will be high and another time it will go low. There was no two way to it; some romantic plus sexual process was going on there. So we are not alone.
Just when I thought everything was cool, Linda whom I assumed was asleep turned around with her chest on my leg now. I was confused on what to do. Should I just stay with her and be a good boy or just make a move that will turn my fantasy to reality. I grabbed her boobs. Waoh! It was in excess, my two palms couldn’t even contain one boob. She woke up. Oh my God! She loved it. She gave me that romantic tune. I opened the zip of her gown from the back, pulled it to her waist and now I have access to the whole part of her boobs. This time, I didn’t even know where to start from. Well I had to do something. I put the tit of her boob in my mouth and the action began. The tit looked oval-rectangular in shape. I started licking it and caressed every part of her boob. She responded. She drew me closer to herself and we started kissing. Oh good God, Linda kissed me like my lips were going to be stuck in her lips forever. She would put a great amount of saliva in mouth. I felt good swallowing the saliva. I needed to change my area of concentration and I went down in between her legs. Initially I touched her kitty cat with her pants on. I touched it from outside the pant. Lord of mercy she wasn’t cool with that. She grabbed my hand and deep it inside her kitty cat. Which paradise could be better than this? My two middle fingers went deeper and deeper, she was wet and my hand was already filled with liquid from her pussy. She grabbed my dick and held it like a microphone. I didn’t even know how and when she opened my zip and brought out my dick.
She bent down as if she wanted to pick something and told me to move closer. I did and She put my dick inside her kitty cat . Oh jigbijigbi! My dick couldn’t penetrate her. The olympoius has fallen. My dick refused to rise again. She tried several times but it refused to stand. She became angry and put her dresses on. I didn’t know what went wrong and many thoughts ran through my mind. This is the moment I have been waiting for. I have failed myself. How do I explain this kind of a thing?. I later found out it was because I was too anxious. Nothing was wrong anywhere. Linda wouldn’t understand. To her, I wasn’t man enough but time will tell.
<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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