Save my world. Episode 4.

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The pains of yesterday still lingered on, how would I look like before Linda? I had to go to class anyways. Mrs. Ogu could give test anytime and if you miss any of her tests , that would be an automatic carry over. I dashed to the bathroom. As I was thinking about the situation, lo and behold my dick rose again. ”Boy I don’t need you now”. When I needed him most, he disappointed me.
I got to class by quarter pass eight and Class started at nine. Most people were still outside the lecture theatre. There were these three of Linda’s friend staring at me when I passed through where they stood and they busted into heavy laughter. Maybe Linda had told them everything. I was searching for Linda with my eyes and she was nowhere to be found.
Mrs. Ogu was coming and everyone had to rush to the lecture hall, when we were all seated she entered the class. I felt a usual hand at the back of my neck. It was Linda. I looked at her and we both smiled. I wouldn’t wait after the lecture, not when I didn’t have to talk to Linda. I wanted to avoid her and she didn’t allow me to go anyways. As if she knew what was on my mind. After the class, she held me by my hand and we walked down to the Faculty Car Park. It was like nothing happened yesterday. We didn’t talk about it at all. Suddenly, she brought her phone. She told me she was bored and wanted to watch a movie on it. She put one end of the ear piece to her ear and gave the other to put on too. I was anxious to see the said movie. She opened the video and It was a porn video. For the first five minutes of the video, no one said anything. “That guy has a big dick”, she whispered into my ear in low tone. The porn guy went deeper into the lady. Linda was already sweating and her eyes were red. Hope you wouldn’t expect my dick not to rise?. We haven’t finished watching the movie and she said she wanted to go home. She requested that I follow her to her hostel. “I can’t go to a female hostel at this time of the day” I said, thinking about an alternative place we could go. “I stay off campus too” she said to me absentmindedly. ‘Oh really’.
We took a cab to her hostel off campus and it was as if she knew I was it with my last #500, she paid the cab driver. When we got into her room and damn, it was like a paradise. Everything was there. How come this expensive girl wanted to fuck me and what does she stand to gain in return? I couldn’t answer that.
She took off her dress and went to the bathroom to take a shower and she asked if I would do the same too. How could I possibly reject an offer like this? I went to the bathroom and did the same. I came out with my boxer nicker on. Linda was on the bed pressing her phone and she looked at me and smiled. ‘Dickson come and check this out’ she said. I went straight to meet her on the bed. She was not going to show me anything anyways. She grabbed my dick from my boxer and I responded by removing her towel. She put my dick in her mouth. No girl has ever given me mouth action in my life before. I felt like I was in another world. She would hold the cap of my dick in her lips and she would touch my balls and simultaneously thrust my dick deep down her throat. After five minutes of this mouth action, she turned and lied down putting her two legs up. I thought she wanted me to fuck her but she surprised me and said ‘You have to suck me too’ . OH NO! I have not sucked a girl before. It sounded irritating to me though. Well!, I have to do this. I put my tongue inside her pus*y. MENH! It was salty. I had seen the porn guys do some stuff with the girls in movies. I put my tongue on her clit and sucked it. She moaned and her tempo increased as I sucked every part of her pus*y and I was anxious to do the main thing.

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