Save my world episode 5

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As i was sucking her pu**sy, I lifted my eyes up and her boobs were dangling like two water melon hung on a tree. Her tits now looked bigger and obtrusive. I couldn’t hold back my obsession with it and I left the downside and moved upwards. I was fed up of the sour-salty taste of her pu**sy anyways. I started caressing the tits and I wish I could swallow the whole boobs at once. She pushed me and turned and she lifted her ass up as she lied down on her hands and knees. I got the message and I rushed back and inserted my dick quickly as I don’t want any f*ck up again today.

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My dick went in there without any obstruction. Oh my goodness! The fluid coming out of her pu**sy was like the erosion that follows a heavy downpour. I kept pounding and she would move backwards so that my dick could go in there well. I held her buttocks, drew her closer and I went in deeper. Her body started shaking and I thought she was dying. The fluid coming out increased and I have increased my tempo too. I held her by her two hands backwards. She loved it and I stood on my toes and went deeper grabbing one of her boobs. She screamed and I thought she enjoyed it. She told me it was painful and she still demanded that I should continue anyways. Few minutes later, I was about to ejaculate. I wished it was the right time. I was in paradise; she wanted me to continue too. I didn’t know what happened after but I knew I ejaculated and I felt relieved. She rushed to the bathroom again and had a shower while I slept like a helpless log of wood.
She came out of the bathroom naked, she looked for her nightie and put it on. The tits of her boobs were still piercing from her gown and she walked to the kitchen. Men! Her ass was shaking like it was made of akpu-Igbo cassava paste. She cooked some noodles fortified with eggs and she served me in a ceramic plate. I ate the food like I have never eaten for years and we both ate the food in silence. She packed the plate to the kitchen when we are done.
Linda quickly returned from the kitchen and she lied beside me on the bed. The next thing, she reached out to my John T. f**k it! ‘This girl no dey tire?’ Her hand was like a rough piece of wood on my body. I wished she just took it off my body. I wasn’t responding. She looked me in my eyes and drew me close to herself and she started kissing me ferociously. Her mouth was stuck in mine like it was glued to mine. She ate my lips and licked my tongue and at this juncture, I started responding. She did the worse as she brought my dick and swallow in into her mouth. Just like the one she did to me last night, she sucked it. Who says I wouldn’t respond? I grabbed her from behind again, she now knelt like a dog pushing her butt backwards and I licked her from behind. OH lord! She moaned like never before. I brought my dick and I pushed it inside her pu**sy.
Just as I was about ejaculating, her phone rang. Her phone wasn’t far from the bed. She checked it and it was Tayo , the guy I saw her with the other time. “Please Dickson you have to leave now” She said in confusion and I was puzzled. “What? why? how?” I asked her angrily. “Tayo is very close, he is coming here” she said with her shaky voice. “And so?” I said still angry. Even if she wanted me to go, I want to expel this thing from my body. “Tayo is my boyfriend, everything I have today is through him and everything will stop if he meets another guy here. Please leave” She said again and this time, she seems angry. “This boy don put sand for my garri, I said as I was putting on my clothes”.
Before I knew it ,Tayo was already outside her hostel gate. This was the biggest mess of my life. Linda quickly changed her bed spread and perfumed everywhere with the airwick air freshener. There was no escape route for me. I have to stay back and she brought out her ECO 121 material and we started reading. We did calculations and Tayo just came in without a knock. “You didn’t tell me you and your friend is reading” He said as he saw me in the room. “You know that I don’t understand mathematics, so I asked him to take me” Linda said very calmly and frankly. I didn’t know Linda was such a good liar, the guy believed him and I was silent throughout their conversation
After few minutes of calculation, I told Linda that I wanted to go. Tayo was even on his phone chatting away his time. “ Guy, shey you are not going because of me sha?” he asked me proudly. “No I be wan leave sef before u come” I said with a guilty conscience. I left the room and I was very ashamed of myself. Linda walked me to the gate and we were silent till we reached the gate. “See eeh I‘m very sorry it isn’t my fault…….” she broke the silence and I told her to forget about it as I understood. I left her on that spot and I looked back and she was still standing .I knew what she wanted; a kiss. I wouldn’t even give it to her anyways


<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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