Save my world episode 9

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I kept wondering why Papa would want me at home. After that call, my cock got shrunk. Titi was still in the mood but I wasn’t psychologically interested in the show anymore. I knew there was a problem at home but I didn’t know what the problem was. I walked her down to her hostel but I knew she was disappointed. She didn’t even bother to bid me goodnight. I wasn’t bothered though.
I got home the following morning and everywhere was unnecessarily quiet. What could have happened? I didn’t see Papa and my mama. I saw Ada-our last child. I asked her about everybody’s whereabout and she said everybody has gone to the hospital. I immediately dialed Papa’s phone number. He asked me to come to the General Hospital in the state capital which was like two hour drive from my town, I took the next bus without any hesitation. I got to the hospital and Papa picked me up from the gate. He didn’t welcome me as usual and we remained silent throughout our walk from the gate to the hospital building. We entered in to the ward and I couldn’t believe what we saw there. Mama was lying lifeless on the bed. She was very lean and had her hair shaved off. I couldn’t recognize my sweet mother anymore; she looked like a monster. Oh my God , what happened to her? And why has everybody hidden this thing from me all this while?. ‘She has breast cancer and we discovered very late’ Papa said with tears in his eyes. ‘ I am going to lose my wife’. Papa said again with tears. I couldn’t hold my tears back. I moved closer to mama, oh my goodness, she didn’t even recognize me. It was like the cancer has gone to her brain too and it was affecting all her system. She has been on #10,000 per day drug for the past one month. Papa has sold everything we had .Mama need more drugs and we had only thirty thousand naira with us . I couldn’t allow mama to die like that. I confessed my sin to God and pray to him to heal her but I doubted if he was going to, considering the gravity of my atrocities.
The doctor advised us to fly mama out to the States. WTF! Where do we get that kind of money from?. We needed at least #10m to fly her out and the treatment. We couldn’t raise that kind of money. I called every family members and none was ready to help as they were giving one excuse or the other. Throughout that night I was just thinking about how to save Mama. Who will give me #10m naira in this bad economic condition of the country?. Then something came to my mind; Nigerian forum websites . I heard that site is the largest social forum in the whole of Africa. I visited there and mail the moderators. They responded swiftly and posted it on the front page that night and I got several calls the following morning. Nigerians have kind hearts sha. Some requested for my accounts and others just prayed and sympathized with me. The following day before 4pm, I have gotten #3m. Mama passed away at 5pm same day. I didn’t know what it meant for one to die. I have always thought death was fictional but when Mama died, it was done on me that this wasn’t a fairy tale. I started calling everyone who sent money to my account of the situation. They all declined to get their money back. We didn’t even have any money on us afterall.
Her body was transferred to the mortuary. I went to the bank the following morning to withdraw some cash but I was told I couldn’t do so because of new CBN policy. I can’t have up to one million naira in a student’s account. I have to upgrade my account to regular account .I was told to bring either of international passport or drivers license. I got the international passport at #30,000 instead of the normal #16,000 because I needed it urgently.
<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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