Sex, robbery and delivery service. Episode 17

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Throwback Tuesday.

Sex, robbery and delivery service.

Episode 17.

ME: labake, what do we do now? **shielvering***
LABAKE: don’t worry, just come down, I will find a way of settling this.
Labake and I dropped from the car, we walked to the front of her car bonnet and very close to the bush as the guys were approaching us.
LABAKE: **whispers*** don’t worry, just be calm
ME: **stammering** ok ma
The 6 hefty guys came closer to our standing position and they formed a semi-circle around labake and I.
GUY A: labake, so you can betray this team abi? Is this the supermarket you said you were going?***harsh voice***
GUY B: **flips up his shirt and removed gun from his waist and pointed it towards me*** I never expected this from you labake, despite our secrecy and fraternity, you can hang out with a project of us?
ME: *** shivering and passed a urine** I’m sorry sir
GUY C:** touched guy B on the hand and pulled down his hand*** guy hide that thing, we are on the express way, and you labake, why did you do this us after years of team dealings?. Have you gone out of your senses?,
LABAKE: I’m sorry guys, I can explain everything. He meant no harm but a help tool towards getting this parcel I swear.
GUY D: shut up you slut!!, you think we don’t know he is your ex-boyfriend whom you decided to re-unite with and continued your silly Kitty-Cat – fuccking affairs?
ME: ***chaiii, I don die today. I’m sorry sir
GUY F: ***silence and speechless with a sad look and a face of disappointment, I guess he was labake’s boyfriend in the team****
GUY E: guys calm down. Let’s face the main business of the day. **walked closer to me****, young man, where is the parcel?

ME: **stammering** I pointed at labake
GUY E:***faced labake and clapped***. Bravo!!!!, nice one. So you have gotten the parcel without letting us be aware of it?. So Where is the parcel?
LABAKE: ***pulled closer to me and our shoulders was in contact*** guys please calm down and let’s handle this thing with team love. Actually, I knew where the parcel is but……………
GUY B: ***pulled out his gun and interrupted before labake finished talking*** since you know where the parcel is, then this delivery guy is of no use again.
LABAKE : ** stretch out both hands and appealing*** Larry P. Please don’t that plssssss. We still need him.
GUY B: raised up his hand containing the gun and pointed it at me
ME: ****closed my eyes and silently praying to God for forgiveness with the last hot urine coming out of my dick***
“Kauuuuuh”, guy B (larry P) pulled the trigger, labake jumped to my front at exactly the same time before the trigger and the bullet hit her. Labake fell down on her chest instantly and pool of blood was gushing out from underneath her shirt. I freeze instantly and 3 of the other guys had their mouth wide open at that moment and GUY F was wailing seriously.
GUY C: larry P, why did you kill her?, why, why, why, ** wailing ***
GUY B: **guilty and sad face** it was an accident, I swear I don’t know how it happened.
GUY F: ***still wailing and then brought out his gun***then let me kill the delivery guy also, or what else are we waiting for? ***raised up his hand to fire the trigger
GUY C: ******intercepted guy F’s hand***** please stop!!!!!, labake is gone, this guy is the only person left to retrieve the parcel from, we still need him alive.
GUY A: guys let’s leave here before we are caught.
Two of the guys pushed me into the back seat of labake’s car and another guy entered the driver’s seat drove it while the remaining 4 returned into the red mazda and drove away from the scene leaving labake lifeless in her pool of blood. One of the guys at the back gave me a heavy punch and I went unconscious.
I woke up and regained consciousness in an empty room, there was only a chair and carpet inside the room. No wall papers and no pictures was hanged on the wall. The window was covered with a burglary and the sky was a bit dark from the outside of the window. my hands and legs was tied to the back of the chair I was sitting on. I heard voices and conversations coming from outside the room. I kept quiet to listen to the conversations.
The guys were arguing and insulting one another, part of the guys were insulting and talking to the guy who accidentally shot labake, others were supporting him saying labake betrayed the team and she deserved to die, the argument and the fighting continued. I could here the sound of blow exchanges and breaking of items. The guy I presumed to be labake’s boyfriend was threatening to kill the guy who killed labake. A guy whom I presumed to be the team leader calmed them into silence. He told them that they should forget about what had happened and deliberate on what to do next.
He suggested that 2 guys should returned back to the scene and observe what happened to labake’s corpse after their departure while he told the rest “to find out from the delivery guy where the parcel was kept and eliminate him there after”. I began to shiver and urinate as I heard foot steps coming towards the door of the room where I was kept.
I pretended to be sleeping as two guys entered the room. They looked at me and said “e be like say the delivery guy still dey sleep”. They walked out to tell the team leader that I was still sleeping. Moments later, they resumed their discussions. While I was in the room, I noticed something odd, shandy’s voice was missing. Her name wasn’t even mentioned at all.
“What could be going on”?
“Why is shandy missing?”
“Why isn’t her name mentioned?”
“Could she be hiding somewhere?”
“Is the team hiding her?”
“Or she hadn’t returned?”
“Isn’t she part of the team?”
I began to ask myself several questions and no one could provide an answer. My phone began to rang and I stop thinking and remembered I was on an elimination list. My heart began to pound heavily as I heard footsteps coming towards the room where I was staying while the tone of my phone was increasing in volume.
<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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