Sex, robbery and delivery service. Episode 20

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Sex robbery and delivery service


*********************************** We all returned back to the house, the leader was so angry at everyone. He ordered for me to be returned into the room and tied back to the chair. I was sweating and shivering all through the moment, something in me was telling that the end is near for me. The look on every of the guy’s face was telling me that I won’t survived the sunday night. They all went out and were all angry and passing blames on one another in the other room and I could heard each of them clearly. The leader was furious and shouting on the guys who were positioned at the road ends why they didn’t pull a shot, the guys were yelling back at the leader saying “you told us it was a capturing mission and not an assassin mission”.  The yelling and arguments continued for the next 25 minutes until they were all silenced by the leader who shouted on all of them. They all settled and started conversing. LEAdER: fine, we lost the target, I intended capturing him first to extract some items and data from him before elimination as instructed by chairman. We all knew how long we had been looking for this guy before today, he keeps changing locations and calls with hidden numbers. Fine, we lost him today, but at least we still have the delivery guy and the parcel. GUY1: fine, we have them, but the bad omen is that, this femi of a guy is a threat. GUY2: threat as how? GUY1: yes, he is a threat. He would find out that he was given a fake envelope, he would find out that he was been monitored by guys who had the delivery guy in custody, and you know what that means? GUY3: hmmmm. It means he would hunt us to get back to the delivery guy. GuY4: and also to take revenge on us and retrieve his parcel. LEADER: brilliant idea guys. So let’s brainstorm on what to do next. GUY5: I think I saw the delivery guy raising up the envelope while on a call few moments before the bike rider came in. I think we should find out what it was LEADER: cool. ****calls on 4 of the guys to follow him*** They were approaching to the room where I was kept and tired. I could here the increase in volume of their foot steps and my heart was beating heavily and I was getting scared the more as they were approaching. I became uncomfortable and covered with sweat as they all entered. They took their position and surrounded me in a kind of a semi circle position. The look on their face is saying “DEATH”. I bowed down my head and begging for mercy. LEADER: *pulled out his gun and pointed at my head*** Mr delivery, you failed me ME: ***bowed my head down in fear*** I’m so sorry sir, I never knew he was coming. I didn’t recognise him, that was why I couldn’t signalled to you sir LEADER: cool **pulled back his gun into his trouser*** . So why did you raised up the envelope on the call? ME: when I told him I had the parcel, he told me to raised it up for him to see.  LEAdER: and what did he said after then? ME: he said he had seen it. GUY1: hmmmmm. Its one these things. Its either he lived on the street, or he had some boys doing visual surveillance for him. He couldn’t have seen the parcel from a far. LEADER: **sighed**** let’s go guys. Make sure the delivery guy is well tied and no room for escape. They all went back to the other room and resumed their conversations after monitoring me that I was well tied. LEadER: guys we have to retrieve this parcel before femi and his boys does. GuY 1: so boss, how do we go about it. LEAdER: that is what I wanted us to brain storm on. GUY2: I have an idea. LEADER: bring it on GUY2: since the delivery guy said the parcel is in the office, let’s storm the place on monday and retrieve it. LeADER: I don’t think that would be nice, we can’t just go in there blindly without proper information about where exactly the parcel is. There are thousands of parcel in there, we would be spending the whole day searching each envelope. GUY2: yeah boss, you are right GUY3: I have an idea, LEAdER: bring it on GUY3: I don’t thrust this delivery guy. Our surveillance told us he left with the parcel. He even signed a home delivery schedule before leaving. I don’t believe the parcel is in that company. LEADER: nice thinking. I also thought of it. But since we couldn’t get it at his house, neither could we retrieved it from his girl friend’s house. Where else could it be since he didn’t go else where on thursday?. GuY3: I think It would be with labake. Remember she was telling us she knew about the location of the parcel?. Maybe we should extract more facts from the delivery guy. LEADER: ****sighed*****, alright, let me go GUY4: we don’t need to stress ourselves about the parcel of a thing, let us try another approach. LEADER: ok guy, bring it on. GUY4: since the delivery guy said he knows the location of the parcel, let’s use the emotional approach.  LEADER: what is the approach? GUY 4: to get hold on someone, let’s use his emotional weak point. The people he loves. LEADER: its still not making any sense to me. GUY4: let’s kidnap and capture someone he loves and make a bargain. He goes out on his own to retrieve the parcel for us without complications and compromising and he gets the person released with no harms. If he did otherwise or informed the police, the person he loved will be shot dead instantly. LEADER : what a brilliant approach. So who is the best match? GuY5: I think his girl friend. That’s all he had in this town, and I heard they would be getting married soon. LEADER: cool. I think we should go along with this idea. GUY6: yeah cool. But I think we should take more safety measures. LeADeR: how? GUy6: we can’t just release him to go out there alone while we sit back here waiting. I think someone should follow him to his work, disguise as an intending client and stayed close to him so as to prevent any foreign attachment. And whenever we get any signal of compromising, we put the trigger into the girl and vacate the premises before we would be raided my police. LEaDER: cool, you guys are all brilliant. Tomorrow morning, we strike, we find a means of capturing the girl first before the “operation retrieving the parcel”. All the guys: ok boss LEaDER: mean while, switch on his phone. Who knows, we could get more tips from it While we arrange for dinner. They stopped conversing and my mind was beating faster than ever before, I thought of adenike, I thought of how I had lost a woman I once loved and how I’m about loosing the second one in the hands of same guys. I thought of how the parcel wasn’t even at the office, I thought of what would happen if they find out that I lied. Would adenike be shot the way labake was killed?, OMG!!!, where on earth is shandy?, why wasn’t her name mentioned all this while?, where had she been?. I began to ask myself questions until I heard my phone ringing. I heard foot steps as someone was bringing the phone to me, the louder the ring tone, the faster and harder my heartbeat. Finally, the door was opened and the leader with 3 of the guys came in. The phone stopped ringing and the leader pulled out his gun and said, “you know the rules, you compromise, you are dead”. I nodded in fear as the phone began to ring again. The screen was shown to me and I saw that it was adenike calling. The green button was pressed, placed on loudspeaker. ME: ***stammering*** hello dear AdEniKE: hi, I called you thrice today in the afternoon, you refused to pick up. ME: I’m sorry dear, I wasn’t with my phone the other time. ADENIKE: ok dear, I just wanted to inform you that I would be back to akure tomorrow night. Prepare dinner for me because I would be coming to your place first before going home on tuesday morning. ME: **** scared and my heart almost pulled out of my chest****. Ok dear, I would be waiting. I love you ADENiKE: I love you too dear. **hanged up** The leader smiled at the other guys and said “things are getting easier than we thought” ************************************

To be continued…..
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