She is a ghost episode 29

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SHE’S A GHOST Episode 29
Stephen’s POV
When I finished receiving the call, I walked towards my room. I sat on the sofa looking around. I looked at some things in my room and noticed they were not as I left them. I stood up and started putting them back in place. I got to my drawer and saw it was not locked properly as I left it this morning. I checked the stuffs I put there and found out they’ve been touched by someone. “Who the hell tampered with my stuffs?”I asked in anger. Due to my anger, my body had started diffusing black flames and my finger nails had pointed sharp. I was so angry that if I should see the person right now, I would kill him/her whosoever it might be. I closed the drawer and went to the door. I sniffed the handle of the door to perceive the smell. I noticed the person just left my room not long. “That mean he/she is still inside my building”I thought to myself and opened the door.
Debbie’s POV.
When I peeped through the door and saw he went into his room, I tiptoed and walked out of the visitor toilet. When I got to the living room, I heard his footsteps and I quickly hid behind the cotton. He walked around the living room looking at every angle. I was so surprised to see him In that state. He’s of no different from a beast. His fingers were pointed and his body were releasing thick black flames. His eyeballs were black. He looks just like a monster. This got me more scared. “God please save me from Stephen. God please protect me. Guide me till I leave his house. Don’t let me die here by his hand”I prayed to God silently. He went back towards his room. And I found my way out of his house. I went into my car and drove out of his compound. Just like 3minutes drive, I saw John’s car coming. I called him but he was not picking up. I blocked him with my car and he stepped on the break. I quickly get out of my car and went to his car. He also opened the door and came out looking at me. “What you sent to me,was that true? Could that be real?”he asked looking at me.” And if it’s real, Where are you going to in this state? I didn’t send that to you so that you can fight him. He’s not someone you can handle. This is not the next step. Let’s get out of here now. I know by now, he would be looking for the person that broke into his room which was me. Let’s just go back. We’ll talk better then”I said looking at him. He hit the body of his car looking hurt and angry. I went into my car and drove off. While he also turned and followed behind me.
Stephen’s POV
After I searched everywhere and could not find anyone, I then started laughing to myself. “Hahahahahaaa”I laughed for so long. “Do you think you can get away from me? I’ll get you soon”I said and headed to the cctv screen. I backward it to when the person first got in. To my surprise, it was Debbie. I watched how she got into my room and how she was checking all the stuffs one after the other. When she took the black napkin and saw who was I the picture, I stopped watching and headed out of the room. “How dare you mess with me?”I said looking angry. I went to my room and opened my drawer. I brought out the dagger smiling to myself.
John’s POV
Debbie told me all what she saw in his room. I was so angry that I wish I had a gun and shoot him dead immediately but Debbie told me to calm down. Cassandra told us Stephen just called her and told her everything on how someone broke into her room. “I will advise you to be careful. You’ll be his next target now because he knows you were the one”Sandra said looking at Debbie. We were all shocked while Debbie was trembling in fear. “What do we do? Let’s report him to the police.”Debbie said. “You guys cant report Stephen to the police, it would just make everything worst for you guys. Stephen must be killed for his evil deeds to end. If you report him, he’ll find his way out of there because he had so much connections. You guys can’t understand what am saying. Stephen have to die! For him to die, the evil spirit must be cast out.”Cassandra said looking at us.
“What should I do? I can’t go home right now. My life is at stake”Debbie said looking scared. “Can you stay with me at my place?”Cassandra asked her. “Yes I think that idea would be good. You have to stay with her for the main time.”I said agreeing to what she said. “On thanks”Debbie replied. “But I need to get something from my house first”she said. “What is it? Get whatever you want to get before it’s late”Sandra said looking at her. I looked at Stella and nodded my head.
Cassandra’s POV
Just to keep her safe, I followed her to her house to get whatever she wants to get before leaving for my place. When we got to her building, she unlocked her door and went in while I followed behind her.
Debbie’s POV
Now, I know the reason the old woman gave me the black sachet.
I got into my building and went towards my room. While Sandra waited in the living room watching the entrance and the compound. When I got to my door, I opened it and went in. I found out someone had gotten into my room because my stuffs were thrown to the floor and everywhere looked messed up. “What happened here?”I asked looking around. I think Stephen just left my house when he couldn’t find me. I quickly took my box and pack few clothes then take the black sachet I got from the old woman. I met her by the road side begging for food. I gave her money and some snack I bought from a store. She thanked me and when I was about driving on, she stopped me by hitting my car. She gave me a sachet. I asked what it was for and she smiled telling me I would need it later. She said it’s for destroying evil spirits and ghosts no matter how strong they are. Then, I wondered what I will have to do with evil spirit or ghost. I received it and dropped it in my bag thanking her.
Now I know what she meant be that. I took the powder and dropped it in my box with the hope of giving it to john when we get back together. I closed my box and was dragging it along with me. When I got to the door and was about opening it, I heard some footsteps behind me. I stopped and swallowed hard shaking in fear. I turned back slowly to see if someone was behind me. When I looked behind me, I could not see anyone. I faced front slowly and to my greatest shock, I saw Stephen standing before me. The shock almost made me faint at the sight of him. He smiled looking at me. “Go away from me now!”I yelled at him. I took the black sachet from my box. My body was trembling seriously and the sachet fell down from me. He smiled looking at me. I tried to scream but he grabbed my neck and squeezed it.
Sandra’s POV
I waited for long but could not see Debbie. Suddenly, I heard a loud voice from where she said to be her room. I quickly rushed towards there but was not able to find her room on time. Finally I opened a door and what I saw shocked me. I found Debbie in her own pool of blood. Her face was destroyed with sharp finger marks. Her body was badly injured with sharp paw marks. Her blood streamed down like water. When I saw this, I couldn’t hold in the fear any longer so I fainted out of shock.

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