Short Sex Stories (18+) : A cheating wife

Short Sex Stories (18+) : A cheating wife

March 7, 2017 short sex stories (18+)
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I got off work early so I thought I’d hurry home and surprise my wife with a night on the town. It had been a good day so I was in a good mood. I was singing to myself as I pulled into the driveway. I was in such a good mood I hardly noticed the strange car parked alongside my wife’s. It was just a friend of Terri’s I guessed, so I paid it no further attention and headed inside. I opened the door slowly, wanting to surprise her with my presence. The door swung open easily and closed just as easily. I gently set my keys down and made my way through the dimly lit house. As I got closer to the bedroom I could start to hear voices from within.

“Beg for it, you dirty little Wh*re!”

I stopped dead in my tracks. It was a man’s voice and I was suddenly very confused.

“Do it please! Stick your big cock up my a$$!”

The sound of my sweet wife’s voice struck like a dagger in my heart. She was Fu¢king some guy in our bedroom! Part of me wanted to run in there and beat the Fu¢k of the guy and throw Terri out of the house, but another part of me wanted nothing more than to sneak a peek at my wife getting Fu¢ked.

As I crept closer, the voices became more distinguished. The bedroom door was open slightly and there was a faint glow coming from within the lamp-lit room. I swallowed hard as I peered through the opening into the room.

My heart stopped. There was my wife, on her hands and knees on our bed. Kneeling behind her was some strange guy trying to work his thick d!¢k into my her a$$hole. Terri’s head was dipped low, her beautiful hair hanging about her face in a sweaty tangled mess. Her hand was feverishly at work between her legs rubbing her clit, like she always does when we make love. Judging from her appearance I guessed that she and her new lover had been at it for quite a while.

“Shove it in my a$$hole! Fu¢k me! Fu¢k your little slut’s a$$hole.”

I couldn’t believe the words coming from Terri’s mouth. She never talked to me like that.

“Oh my god!!! Fu¢k!!”

My wife was fighting through the pain of having a huge cock planted deep in her a$$, and she loved every minute of it.

The guy had a satisfied grin on his face, as his cock slipped past Terri’s muscular ring and slid deep into her a$$. With that, he lifted his hand, only to bring it down heavily on my wife’s a$$ with a sickening slap. Terri gritted her teeth through a S£xy smile.

“Fu¢k yeah!” she moaned, increasing the speed of her hand on her clit.

The guy was thrusting in and out faster now. I was actually watching his cock appear and disappear into my wife’s tender a$$hole.

“You love it, don’t you slut? You love my d!¢k in your a$$!”

“Oh yeah baby, don’t stop Fu¢king my a$$!”

With that, the guy grabbed a handful of Terri’s hair and yanked her head back as he shoved his d!¢k into her with authority. I couldn’t believe the look in her face. It was one that I had never seen before. A look of pure lust.

“Fu¢k, I’m cumming.”

“Do it slut! Make yourself cum with my cock up your tight little a$$! I bet you love getting a$$-Fu¢ked on your husband’s bed don’t you Wh*re? Does he know that he married a dirty little cumslut?”

This was apparently too much for Terri to handle and she let loose the most savage orgasm I had ever witnessed. As it subsided, my wife’s lover relented in his an*l pounding and slowed to a rhythmic thrust. She turned and looked him in the face.

“I want to su¢k your cock!”

Just when I thought I couldn’t be more surprised, I watched in a state of frozen helplessness as this strange man withdrew his turgid cock from my wife’s anus. Turning her around, he fed his d!¢k into Terri’s waiting mouth. She immediately began su¢king with abandon, like some kind of S£xually depraved wild woman, bobbing her head up and down on his d!¢k. Her beautiful lips stretched around his saliva soaked member, savoring every inch.

“You’re a good little Wh*re!” the man said with a smirk. “Your husband must be proud.”

Terri released his cock only long enough to respond.

“You know I’m only a Wh*re for you baby,” she said smiling.

I couldn’t have been more hurt.

“Oh and by the way, that reminds me. I have something special for you tonight,” she said with a mischievous grin.

I was confused. I had already witnessed the love of my life get Fu¢ked in the a$$ and then proceed to su¢k the guy’s cock right after. What else could they do?

I quietly watched as Terri laid on her back. I noticed she was wearing the thigh high black boots I had bought her for Valentine’s Day. She hardly ever wore them for me.

She motioned for her partner to go to her. He crawled over to Terri, and she prompted him to swing a leg over her head so he was straddling her face, facing her feet. Then it hit me.

“Oh god no!” I whispered to myself. Then I watched in horror as my loving wife of three years proceeded to bury her face in this strange man’s a$$.

From my vantage point it was hard to see but I could make out Terri’s tongue darting around the rim of his a$$hole. He raised himself up to a squatting position and began jerking his cock.

“Oh yeah baby! Lick that a$$! Show me what a dirty little slut you are.”

His hand was slowly grinding his cock as my wife grabbed his a$$ pulling him close. He was literally sitting on her face.

“You like licking my a$$hole don’t you Wh*re?”

“Mmm Hmmm.”

Her voice was muffled by the man’s a$$, but by the way she was moaning you would think Terri was the one getting the rim job. She was actually enjoying it! Her little pink tongue was fast at work dipping and diving as her lover moaned along with her.

“Oh yeah, that’s it! Stick your tongue up my a$$!”

Her delicate hands produced white, bl**dless marks on the man’s hips as she strained to f***e as much of her tongue up his butt hole as possible. His hand started moving faster as his greedy a$$hole ate up my wife’s tongue. As he let out a restrained groan, he brought his hand up to catch his spewing jism. After a few more strokes, he pulled himself off Terri’s face, cupping the white fluid in his hand like some kind of treasure. The two smiled at each other for a brief moment, before he brought his hand to my wife’s face, smearing his cum into her mouth. Terri lapped her tongue out like a hungry kitten trying to get as much of his sperm as possible. His large hand deposited most of the fluid, and then held still as she licked him clean.

“Thanks babe. Same time tomorrow?”

Terri stretched out on the bed, looking unbelievably slutty, with her black boots and cum smeared face.

“I can’t. I have to work. How about Monday?”

“Sounds good.”

My heart skipped a beat as Terri then got up from the bed. I thought for a moment that I would be found out, but I watched as she walked over to the VCR and ejected a tape. She then returned to the bed, and deposited the tape into the drawer beside her bed. I was confused. I had always thought that she kept f****y pictures and stuff like that in there, though I had never been that interested. I was interested now though, as Terri closed the drawer and locked it with a key.

My mind was a mess as I quietly left the house. I had a lot to digest. I had just witnessed my supposed loving wife commit acts that most porn stars wouldn’t even do! I knew one thing though. I had to find out more.


After having a few drinks at a local pub, I drove home late. I wondered to myself if Terri even cared that I was getting home so late. When I got home she was asl**p. I didn’t blame her. After the Fu¢king she had just received it would be hard for anyone to stay awake. I crept silently into the bedroom and inspected my sl**ping bride. There was no evidence that anything had occurred. She was dressed in a pair of cotton panties, and a tight little pink shirt. The covers were thrown off her, as she usually gets hot at night. She was lying on her stomach, with her cute little a$$ propped up in the air by the blankets under her sl**ping body. Part of me wanted to tear those panties off her and Fu¢k her in the a$$, like that guy had done only a few hours earlier. I decided against it, however, as Terri usually doesn’t appreciate being woken up for S£x. I had to use tact if I wanted to get to the bottom of her cheating ways. I left the room and slumped down on the couch in the living room, turning on the TV. Soon I drifted asl**p.

I woke in the morning to the sound of my wife singing to herself. She was getting ready for work I guessed. I reluctantly pulled myself up from the couch and made my way to the kitchen. Terri already had some coffee made and I helped myself to a cup.

“Morning Hon.”

My wife’s cheery voice caused me to look up from my coffee.

“Did you have a good day at work yesterday? I tried to wait up for you, but I fell asl**p. Sorry.”

She gave me a peck on the cheek. I was trying to act normal.

“That’s okay, I was tired anyway,” I said. “How was your night?”

“Same old. Pretty boring I guess. I just watched some TV. Oh shit, look at the time! I have to get to work!”

Terri quickly downed her coffee and gave me another kiss. “I love you.”

Those words felt like the world’s biggest lie, but I somehow managed to spew them back at her. Then she was gone, leaving me alone to my tortured thoughts. I watched out the window as she drove away. When she was gone I made a dash to the bedroom. I immediately went for the drawers beside our bed. I tried the first one. Locked. I tried the second. Locked. I took a deep breath and tried the second.

“Damn!” I cursed, as I found that it was locked as well. I was just about to go get a hammer to smash the drawers open, when I noticed a gleam of silver in a pile of clothes in the corner of the room. I walked over and to my surprise I found a small key! Terri must have really been in a hurry that morning. Praising my luck, I fell to my knees and placed the key into the keyhole of the first drawer.

With a quiet click, the key turned. I took a deep breath and pulled the drawer open. My eyes widened. Handcuffs, a variety of dildoes and vibrators, and several bottles of lotions and lubricants. The drawer was packed full of stuff and I eagerly began to leaf through it all. I had no Idea Terri was into this stuff. One unusual dildo I found had two heads. One for the Pu$$¥ and one for the a$$ I guessed. There were also several thin little vibrators that I a$$umed were for purely an*l action.

I closed the drawer and locked it once again. The second drawer was soon open I was no less surprised at the contents in there. It appeared to be filled with clothes. There were lycra miniskirts, stockings, and a variety of panties. I had never seen any of them before. I was even more amazed as I pulled out a full French maid’s outfit, and a latex nurse’s costume.

Closing that drawer, I went for the third and final one. As it opened my eyes came to rest of a variety of videotapes. I had never known my wife liked to watch porn either, but I was beginning to realize that there was a lot about Terri that I didn’t know. There was also a stack of what appeared to be business cards. They were from a place called ‘The Candy Club’ and had the name ‘Jenna’ on them. I was intrigued and quickly decided to check out the club when I found the time.

After grabbing some breakfast I decided to take a peek at my wife’s stash of porno tapes. I always enjoy a good porn and I was feeling a bit horny. I started to leaf through the tapes, but none of them had any labels or titles on them. They must have been low quality films, I guessed. Grabbing a cup of coffee, I popped one of the tapes into the VCR and lay back on the bed. The screen was all fuzzy until a picture finally came into view.

I dropped my coffee.

It was my living room!! I scrambled to pick up the dropped cup of cup as I stared dumfounded at the TV screen.

“Oh no!” I said to myself as I saw Terri walk into view. She was dressed in the latex nurses outfit that I had just found, complete with garters, white stockings, elbow length white gloves and high heels. I had to admit she looked Fu¢king hot! The sound on the tape was poor, so I couldn’t make out what she was saying, but she appeared to be talking to someone off camera. I saw her curl her finger towards her, motioning for someone to go to her. Then my hands clenched in anger as two men entered the scene.

One was a tall blonde guy, wearing only a pair of gray boxer briefs. The second was a shorter, but more muscular, black man dressed in a similar fashion. The men went to either side, flanking my grinning wife. She turned her head to the side, accepting a deep, lewd kiss from the blonde guy. The black man grabbed Terri’s a$$ with one hand and her breast with the other. She reached back, pawing at the bulge in his shorts as she continued to lock lips with the blonde man. The black guy was saying something to Terri as he was leaning back checking out her body. He then went around back and started unlacing the back of her outfit. The white guy broke his kiss off and started to help his friend undress my wife.

Soon Terri was sitting on our sofa, wearing only stockings, garters, gloves, heels and a white nurses cap. The white man was kneeling down between her legs giving her Pu$$¥ long wet strokes of his tongue. The black guy had one foot up on the sofa, with his crotch in Terri’s face. She had a hand on his a$$ and was mouthing his balls through his shorts. Frantically, she pulled down his shorts, freeing his rigid cock. Lifting his large, black d!¢k, my wife placed her mouth around his balls, su¢king lustfully. I could hear her moan as the other guy slid two fingers into her wet Pu$$¥. The camera angle shifted to a close up of the blonde guy’s work.

He had two fingers in Terri’s Pu$$¥ and another up her tight little a$$hole. His tongue was at work flicking over her clit. As the camera moved up her body I noticed that I myself had a raging hard-on! I was actually getting turned on! However, any feelings I had were far outweighed by the betrayal that I had recently uncovered.

Terri was now taking that black d!¢k deep down her throat, as her hand caressed his balls. Each pa$$ of her sweet lips left a gleaming, wet sheen on his ebony cock. The white guy then came up to Terri’s opposite side, stripping off his boxer briefs. She immediately let the cock in her mouth slip from her grasp, and su¢ked in the new meat in front of her.

There she was. Her S£xy white-gloved hands grasping two turgid cocks, trading off, su¢king each one in turn. At one point she even had both d!¢ks in her mouth at once. She looked like such a Wh*re! After a good few minutes of cocksu¢king the men positioned my wife on her hands and knees. The black guy immediately fed his pole back into my wife’s hungry mouth, as his companion began working his d!¢k into Terri’s cunt.

My wife’s mouth opened wide as she was penetrated from both ends. This only prompted the black man to shove his cock deeper down her throat. He was grabbing her by the hair and Fu¢king her face as the blonde guy slid his d!¢k in and out of her Pu$$¥. After a few minutes the guy in her Pu$$¥ pulled out dribbled spit onto Terri’s a$$hole. I knew what was next to come and I continued to watch with dread as he worked his cock into my wife’s butt hole. The camera switched to a close-up of the d!¢k pressing into her a$$. It popped past the muscular ring and slid into Terri’s anus, a place I had yet to go. I continued to watch the graphic scene as my bride’s a$$hole was stretched around the large cock.

As the camera went back to Terri’s face, I could see her mouth the words: “Fu¢k my a$$!” The black guy was lightly smacking her face with his wet cock. The camera then zoomed out to show Terri getting it in both ends. The guy in her a$$ was gripping her cheeks with both hands, as he slowly ground his hips into her. The guy in her mouth, was thrusting a little faster, grabbing handfuls of her hair as he Fu¢ked her face. Terri was running her hand between his legs, stroking his balls and a$$.

After a few minutes the men pulled out and laid my wife on the floor. The black guy then took his turn between Terri’s legs, sliding his meat into her well-Fu¢ked Pu$$¥. The other guy went around and knelt at her head, straddling her face. After allowing my bride to lick his balls he began to feed his cock into her mouth. Terri tilted her head back to take all of his cock down her throat. Meanwhile, the black man was spreading her legs wide allowing himself better access to her hot little cunt. My wife was moaning like a Wh*re, as she took it in both ends. I could see her throat enlarging with each thrust of the cock, as the man’s balls mashed against Terri’s face. As the camera switched back to the black man, I could see that he too was going to sample my wife’s tight little a$$.

His d!¢k slid in a little easier than the last one, as he pushed himself in up to the hilt in Terri’s a$$hole. He raised her hips off the ground to get better access, as he gyrated his pelvis into her. This went on for a couple more minutes before the men decided to try something new.

The black guy eased his cock out of her a$$ and his companion pulled his d!¢k from her throat. The blonde guy lay back on the floor coaxing Terri over towards him. She straddled him and lowered herself down onto his waiting cock. Once she was fully impaled on his d!¢k. She leaned forward, spreading her a$$ cheeks. The black guy soon resumed his position up my wife’s a$$, stuffing Terri full of cock.

I started to fast-forward the tape, getting a little tired of seeing my wife acting like a Wh*re. I stopped it just in time to see both men empty their loads into Terri’s mouth. Her face was a gooey mess as she licked both cocks clean.

I turned off the TV. Part of me wanted to check out the other videos, but I figured that I had had enough surprises for one day. I went and had a shower after locking up Terri’s drawer again. As I let the cool water flow over my body I found my thoughts drifting to thoughts of my wife getting Fu¢ked, as my hand drifted to my rock hard cock. After a quick jerk off session, I finished up in the shower and got dressed.

I spent most of the day lounging around watching TV and thinking about Terri. As I lay there, I remembered the business card! I quickly pulled it out.

“The Candy Club,” I muttered to myself. What was my loving wife up to now? I straightened myself up a little before heading out the door. The address on the card was across town, so it took me almost an hour to get there. When I finally arrived I wasn’t surprised that is was a strip club of some kind. I parked my car and walked up to the entrance, where a large man was standing.

“Ten bucks cover,” he said gruffly.

I handed over the cash and walked inside. It was pretty cla$$y for a strip club. There were numerous different levels, all leading down to the main stage, where a young blonde woman was busy bumping and grinding to the music. Situated around the stage in a semicircle, were numerous chairs, all filled with young men. The rest of the place was filled with soft leather couches. I took a seat in the very back, keeping myself out of view in the dim light.

“Would you like a drink?”

I ordered a rum and coke from the waitress and sat back watching the show. The girl on stage soon finished and the DJ introduced another. As a tall brunette in a cheerleader outfit walked onto the stage I looked at the card I had found.

“Jenna,” I kept saying to myself. After about an hour, and three different strippers the lights on stage went out and the room went quiet.

“Gentlemen, this is the moment you have all been waiting for!”

The DJ’s voice boomed out over the room.

“Please welcome the Candy Club’s own Jenna!!”

The room erupted into applause as I stared in disbelief as my wife strutted out onto the stage to the music of Brittney Spears. Terri was dressed the part, in a short little schoolgirl skirt, with a white top. The outfit was completed with some little black shoes and thigh high white stockings. I couldn’t deny that my wife looked S£xy.

I also couldn’t believe the way Terri was dancing. I had no idea she could move like that. I was captivated as I watched her spin across the stage, around the poles, before falling to her knees before one of the guys in the front row. With an innocent look on her face, she lifted her skirt giving the young man a quick glimpse. After the first song she pulled off her top exposing her tits to the room. The guys in the front were going crazy, cheering on my wife as she crawled across the floor like a cat. She focused on one guy in the middle and approached him on her hands and knees. Grabbing his head, she pulled him to her chest, smothering his face in her tits. Terri doesn’t have big breasts, but they are quite nice and the young man didn’t seem to mind at all.

Suddenly she sat back and swung her legs out in front of her, spreading her knees apart letting the guy have a good peak up her skirt. Looking into his eyes she motioned for him to get closer. As he put his head forward she lifted her skirt, and let him explore. I couldn’t see, but he was under there for a while, and when he came out he was holding Terri’s G-string in his mouth. His friends were hooting and slapping him on the back as Terri jumped back to her feet. With every twirl, her skirt would rise, giving the audience a good view of her shaved Pu$$¥ and tight little a$$. Soon the skirt was off too, and my wife was left wearing only shoes and thigh highs. As the music slowed, so did her dancing. She dropped to the floor and took turns spreading her legs in front of each guy in the front row.

As she came to the last guy, she hopped off the stage, pushed his chair back and fell to her knees. Seductively she licked at the crotch of his pants, before rising up to seat herself on his lap. He leaned in and whispered something in her ear. I watched as Terri nodded in agreement to whatever he had said. Her set soon ended and Terri left the stage.

As the next girl came out, the men in the front row all got up and walked towards an exit to the side of the stage. A bouncer stepped aside to let the six men inside. I was intrigued so I made my way over.

As I approached the bouncer, he put his hand out.

“Private!” was all he said.

I discreetly slipped him a hundred dollar bill and made my way inside. I entered a small dimly lit room, with a large red curtain at the other end. I made my way over and peaked through the heavy velvet folds. There was another room, this one better furnished, behind the curtain. The six men were seated in leather couches, forming a circle leaving a large area in the center of the room. They were all talking, apparently about my wife.

“Did you see the a$$ on her?”

“She gave me the biggest Fu¢king hard on I’ve ever had!”

A few minutes pa$$ed and I remained watching and listening.

“Hi guys! Did you enjoy the show?”

It was Terri! She walked in from another entrance, wearing a tight black spandex dress that didn’t even cover her a$$ along with a pair of black high heels.

The guys cheered as she entered and started to sway to the music. Immediately they started to grope, grabbing at her a$$ and tits. She walked over to one guy and crawled up, straddling him. Then she kissed him full on the lips! I was beginning to realize that this wasn’t going to be an ordinary strip show. The guy reached around back and grabbed Terri’s a$$, pulling her dress up. He then pulled her top down freeing her tits. Taking one into his mouth he su¢ked the nipple as Terri ran her hands through his hair. Slowly, she slid down his body, coming to rest on her knees in front of him. To my horror, but not my surprise, Terri began unzipping his pants. One of the other men got up and walked over to her, reaching down between her legs, stroking her Pu$$¥ and a$$. As the seated man’s cock emerged from his pants my wife wasted no time in su¢king it into her mouth.

“Yeah, you little slut! su¢k that cock!” the other guy said as Terri raised her hips to give him better access to her cunt. He was working three fingers in and out of my wife as she frantically su¢ked the d!¢k in front of her. Reaching up, she pulled the man’s pants all the way down his hips, giving her mouth better access. Lifting up his d!¢k, she began lapping at his balls as her hand stroked his rod. The man was enjoying my wife’s handiwork and didn’t hesitate to tell her so.

“Oh yeah Baby! You su¢k cock so good! Oh that’s it! Lick my balls!”

Terri was moaning on his balls as she received a good finger-Fu¢king from the other guy. I noticed the other men in the room were getting undressed and stroking their own d!¢ks.

“I want to Fu¢k you now!” the seated man said between breaths.

Terri released his cock and looked up at him.

“Oh you want to Fu¢k me now huh?”

“Oh yes! I want to Fu¢k you so good!”

Terri stood up and turned around. Bending over, she reached back lightly touching her hairless Pu$$¥.

“You want to Fu¢k this?”

“Fu¢k yeah!”

My wife grabbed his rock hard member and rubbed it against her slit. The man closed his eyes and threw his head back. Terri slowly sat back taking his cock up her cunt. She started to grind her hips, reaching down to rub his balls as she rode his d!¢k. Then the little slut looked up and mouthed a kiss to one of the other guys.

“Are you guys going to get nasty with me or what?”

“You bet Baby!” one answered back.

“Am I going to be your dirty little Wh*re?”

“Fu¢k, I’m going to cum already!” one man said.

“Don’t waste it man!” his friend said. “Cum in the slut’s face!”

Terri smiled.

“Yeah hon, cum in my slutty little face!”

Like a flash the man bolted over and stood up on the couch, thrusting his d!¢k in front of my wife.

Terri opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out waiting for his load. The man was pumping his cock at lightning speed.

“Come on baby, give it to me!” she said, bobbing up and down on the cock in her Pu$$¥.

“Fu¢kkkkkkk!” he moaned as he unloaded a huge torrent of cum onto my wife’s face. As the first stream hit her in the cheek, she locked her lips around his d!¢k and took the rest into her mouth. As the guy was withdrawing, the man in her Pu$$¥ let out a similar groan as he thrust upwards. He was cumming in my wife’s Pu$$¥!

As Terri wiped the remnants of cum from her cheek I could see the other guy’s jism running down his shaft and onto his balls.

“Oops! Looks like I made a mess!” she said. “I guess I better clean up!”

With that, she pulled herself off his slippery cock and knelt before him once again. Then I watched my loving wife lick and su¢k his balls and d!¢k, cleaning up the gooey mixture of cum and Pu$$¥ juices.

“You are a nasty little Wh*re!” one of the guys said.

Terri turned to him.

“You haven’t seen anything yet!” she said.

“I bet you like it in the a$$,” another man blurted out.

A huge grin crossed Terri’s face.

“Oh yeah, I love it in the a$$. Do any of you want my a$$?”

With that she slipped a finger into her wet Pu$$¥ and pulled it back out covered in cum. Bending over, she reached back and slid the cum covered finger into her a$$hole. In and out, she Fu¢ked her a$$ with her finger as the men watched. She started to moan.

“Please, somebody stick a cock up my a$$!”

The man that had been feeling her up earlier stepped forward.

“Beg for it slut!! Beg for my cock in your a$$!”

Terri shoved her finger all the way up her hole.

“Please?? I want your d!¢k up my a$$hole!”

The man grabbed her hand, pulling her finger out of her own a$$, replacing it with his d!¢k. The guy wasn’t very gentle as he struggled to get his cock inside my wife’s tight little hole. Terri’s mouth pursed up into an “O” shape as he f***ed himself inside her.

“Yes! Yes! Give it to me! Give it all to me!”

“You like it slut? You like my cock bitch?”

“I love it! I love your cock in my a$$! Somebody give me a cock to su¢k!”

Another man jumped at the chance, strolling over to stand in front of Terri’s face. She quickly took in his d!¢k su¢king hard. Another man began grabbing her tits. The man in her a$$ started pumping harder, and I could see my wife was in pain. She seemed to be enjoying it nonetheless, as she stroked the cock in her mouth.

“I’m going to cum!” the man in her a$$ yelled.

“Do it! Cum in my a$$hole!” Terri responded, pulling the d!¢k from her mouth.

The man grabbed her hips hard, thrusting himself into her, unloading his jism into my wife’s a$$.

“Fu¢k yes! I love it!” she yelled. She then looked up at the guy receiving the Mouth action.

“I want to lick your a$$hole!”

I groaned in disgust. How much more of a Wh*re could she be?

The man needed no further prompting as he turned around and bent over. The man that had been grabbing Terri’s tits went around back and slid his cock into her wet little Pu$$¥.

“What a Fu¢king slut! She’s going to lick his a$$!” someone shouted.

“You had better give me a rimmer too Wh*re!” someone added.

As the man in her Pu$$¥ began pumping away, Terri reached up, spreading the a$$ cheeks in front of her. A few seconds later her pretty face was buried in the man’s a$$, lapping hungrily. Reaching around she started jerking his cock as well.

“Oh my God! That feels so good!” the man stammered, pushing his a$$ back into my wife’s face.

The other guy was pounding away; shouting obscenities at Terri as he Fu¢ked her. Each thrust of his d!¢k pushed her face harder into the other man’s a$$hole. Her tongue was wildly at work, licking and probing as her hand stroked his d!¢k. As the man started to shudder, Terri cupped her hand around his cock, as she pushed her mouth even harder against his a$$hole. His sperm came firing out filling her cupped hand, and dribbling out onto the floor. Then my wife did something that I will never get out of my head.

Bringing the handful of cum back, she began smearing it over his a$$hole. Then my loving wife dipped her head back in, licking at the gooey mess. Her little pink tongue was probing his a$$hole, tasting his cum.

The scene apparently was too much for the guy in her Pu$$¥ as he pulled out and sent a stream of hot jism arcing across her back. He grabbed Terri by the hair pulling her head to the side, just in time to shoot the next stream into her face. She then opened her mouth to receive the next shot, which splashed off her lips and tongue.

“You dirty little slut! Get over here and sit on my cock!”

Obeying the demanding patron, Terri crawled over. He was lying on the ground; so she straddled his d!¢k, reverse cowgirl style, slowly lowering herself down onto his waiting cock. Instead of taking it up her Pu$$¥ however, she grasped it and f***ed it up her a$$ as she sat down. Her a$$ was already stretched and slippery with cum so she slid down his shaft, easily taking the cock up her butt to the hilt.

Two others walked over to Terri holding their d!¢ks out for her. She took a cock in each hand and pulled one in to her mouth, su¢king it for a few seconds before switching to the other. All the while, bouncing up and down gently, pushing another d!¢k further up her tight little butt. As she worked her a$$ all the way down his cock, she began wiggling it, grinding on the stiff rod. Her hands caressed the men’s balls as she took turns su¢king the cocks in front of her.

As she su¢ked on d!¢k, the other man jerked suddenly letting out a shot of white cum onto Terri’s tits. Instantly, she switched back to the other cock taking it into her mouth, gulping down the thick cum. When the man was finished he backed off, allowing his friend full access to my wife’s mouth.

Terri looked up at him.

“Aren’t you going to give me some too?” she asked, still grinding her a$$ on the other man’s d!¢k.

Then I watched my wife place a finger into her mouth, as she grabbed his d!¢k. As she su¢ked the large cock, she placed her hand between his legs. The guy moaned as Terri slipped her finger up his a$$ as she su¢ked him. Her hand was working frantically at his a$$, as her lips slid up and down on the cock. Finally, the man’s a$$ clenched up and my wife’s mouth was filled with yet another load of hot cum. This load was apparently too much for Terri as the white liquid leaked out from between her lips and dribbled down her chin.

“I’m going to cum!” Apparently the man a$$ Fu¢king my wife was ready to let loose his seed as well. Quickly, Terri pulled her a$$hole off his cock and spun around taking the engorged member in her mouth.

“The slut even su¢ks cock from her a$$!” one of the guys shouted out, as they watched her su¢k the cum from their friend’s d!¢k.

Even after the man had spent his load, Terri kept su¢king and licking, letting the cum lather around his shaft. She looked like a gooey mess!

Suddenly one of the men pulled her hair back,


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