Short sex stories (18+): one night love affairs

Short sex stories (18+): one night love affairs

March 4, 2017 short sex stories (18+)
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I didn’t mean to sleep with her.  I must admit, even though I always found her quite attractive, she was my sister’s friend and I had a strict policy when it came to things like that.  It’s just that one thing led to another, between the sun, the pool, the booze and the long day we had.

I thought crashing with her on the spare bed after the party wouldn’t be a big deal.  She’s not that young, at least not anymore.  It was just one of those freak things that happened between Lisa and I.  That’s about the best way to describe it.

Lisa is my sister’s childhood best friend.  I always remembered her as being tall, thin with long dirty blonde hair, attractive features, but now, she’s grown up.  She came up for the summer for my sister’s annual bash.  She was still tall and thin but those tits grew to a decent sized c.  Lisa and I always had gotten along but that was about it.  OK, I took her to a Christmas dinner when we were younger but that was just meant to be the thing to do considering my best friend took my sister.  It wasn’t anything other than that. Kind of like a freak spur of the moment double date.

We spent all day in the hot sun, drinking tropical drinks, beer and slamming down shots.  Going between the hot tub and the pool with all that alcohol in you can tire you out.  By nightfall, the tiki torches were lit and we were all so drunk nobody sat in the hot tub with a swimsuit on.  But even then, we pretty much kept to ourselves and no hanky panky was going on.  We were all adults just having fun and the bubbles in the water concealed our naked bodies from each other.  Sure there were a few women who didn’t care about the guys seeing them naked.  Even then, nothing happened.  Nobody hooked up who already wasn’t hitched.

Around midnight everybody went home except for me and Lisa who was already planning on spending the night.  My sister said it was safe to crash on her spare bed so I decided to spend the night.  She suggested Lisa and I share the bed so nobody would have to sleep on the couch. We did.

I crawled into bed wearing only my white boxers, Lisa wore these cute little boy shorts and no bra.  It was dark in the room so when she climbed into bed I couldn’t really see anything.  We laid next to each other before falling asleep laughing and talking about the old times we had when we were young.  It was that silly drunk laugh, but it felt great to catch up with her after not seeing her for some time.

Then in the middle of the conversation we just kissed.  Not sure where it came from honestly.  We kissed and then kissed some more.  We smiled at each other and then laughed.  Then kissed some more.

“Wow, what are we doing?”

“I don’t know, but I like it do you?”


“What does this mean? I mean, we’re all like both married and everything”

“Nobody has to know. Not my husband, not your wife, not your sister. Nobody”

We kissed some more and I began to pull back her hair that was in her eyes.  She reached down inside my boxers and then started laughing.

“Oh my God! You’re pretty big down there” she said with a smile, then she leaned in for another kiss before climbing on top of me.

After kissing some more she went down under the covers so I couldn’t see her face and she pulled out my cock.  She gave me a soft blow job.  I can see her head go up and down as the blankets would rise and lower.  She worked it at a steady even pace, before coming up for air.  I heard her catch her breath as she went back down and she penetrated me with her mouth even faster.

“Oh Lisa” I said under my breath.

“Shh.  We don’t want to wake up anybody” she whispered softly.

“You need to stop or I’m going to cum” I told her.  I was getting ready to explode, but I wanted to experience more with her.

She then climbed out from beneath the covers with a big smile and I sat up and laid her on her back.  Wasting no time, I removed her shorts and began licking that soft wet pussy.

“Oh my God Mike! That feels so good” she said to me.  She started breathing a little heavier.

I had my face buried in her wet cunt with a finger slipping in and out.  I worked that cunt really good.  I got it wet.  She got it wetter a few minutes later.  I then sat up, leaned over her and looked her right in the eye without saying a word.  I kissed her gently on the lips, then added some tongue, before smiling at her.  Holding that smile, I guided my cock in her.  She let out a soft gasp the second it went in.

I pumped her slow but steady, as she wrapped her arms around my back. We made eye contact the entire time.  She was beginning to breathe even heavier than before. I pulled out and she turned around and got on all fours.

“Grab my hair.  Pull it behind my back Mike” she said as I began to do her from behind.  I worked up steady enough thrusting where you can hear my thighs slapping against the back of her ass.  She let out a semi-soft moan before collapsing on her stomach.

I began kissing down her back before planting the last smooch on her beautiful round tight ass.  I then entered her again from behind and worked her in that position for a short while.

“You are so sexy Lisa, so warm, so soft” I said quietly in her ear as I continued to pump her slowly and carefully.

“I want you to do me sideways, lay next to me and cup my tits with your hands” she said to me.

I did exactly that.  I could feel those beautiful round perky tits in my hands and those hard, perfect sized nipples as I  took her from the side.  We were both sweating profusely.

“I’m going to cum soon” I said to her while trying to catch my breath.

“Mike?” she said.

“What?” I replied.

“Don’t shoot your load inside of me, I want to taste it” she said in a sexy soft voice.

I pulled out of her and stood next to her on the bed.  She sat up and faced me.  I continued to stroke my cock as I could feel it coming on.  She helped me along by teasing it with her tongue.

“Here it comes! Ugh!” I said trying not to yell.  She wrapped her lips around the tip of my cock and I shot my load.  Most of it went inside but some of it fell on her lips as she then fully engulfed my cock to swallow the rest.

She made sure not a single drop of cum was left on my cock ,by sticking it in her mouth and moving it back and forth.  I felt her tongue swirl and I was even more turned on physically by the after climax feel.  My legs felt like they were going to collapse and I fell on the bed and we curled up next to each other.

“That was wonderful” she whispered to me as I began to fall asleep.

“You are a beautiful woman” I said to her with a smile, then I drifted off.

The next morning we woke up and smiled at each other.  Then we started to laugh.

“If anyone finds out about this we’re in trouble” I said chuckling.

“I know” she said. She chuckled too.

We never spoke of what happened again.  She went back to live across country where she had moved to 20 years ago.  We still hang around each other when she visits my sister,  and we act as if nothing really did happen except we would give each other that occasional wink and a smile.

Lisa was probably the softest, gentlest, most elegant woman I’ve ever slept with.  It was almost like a dream. Lisa and I didn’t just have sex.  We mad love to each other.  Was it real? Or did we just act on the moment?  I don’t know. But whenever I think of that time, all I can do is smile and replay that moment in my mind.

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