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Happy Sunday Team Onihaxy.

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Let’s have another gist today.

Hurray : I witnessed the first intending couple from Adebimpe the Facebook girl fans club.
Ever since i started this story in 2014, I have tried to maintain a discreet social life since then. My character profile “Onihaxy” and my real name profile have been separate. I don’t usually upload pictures or do some kind of exposure unlike other bloggers and writers. Not because of anything but just that I am protecting my job in the real life. As a banker/blogger /writer / web developer, my stories are 95% related to real life experiences even though they are mostly fictions. As a result of this, I dont expose my real self online and that is why over 80% of my fans can’t really identify me either by photo or by face. Lool.

I have this guy who has been posting my story since 2014 on his blog, he begged me last week to honor his invitation to his and her fiance birthday party /pre – wedding party. They are birthday mates and their wedding Is coming up in October. Usually, I don’t do this but I had Choice when he told me that his fiancee has been longing to meet onihaxy. I agreed and begged him not to expose my identity. Who knows, my boss “funmi” might be present at the party. Lool

I arrived at the venue along Allen in ikeja at 6pm yesterday. The party had started before my arrival and everyone was having fun. The MC was busy entertaining people with jokes and Dj was slamming jamz also. I sat down at a corner and I was looking at the celebrants seated at a special place. I could tell from the costume. I waved at them but the way they waved back, I guess they couldn’t recognize me. I didn’t plan to stay for long and I called on the waiter to help me whisper to them that onihaxy is here. On delivering my message and pointing at me, they both jumped up and came to hug me. From the look on the lady’s face, she was over excited. We exchanged greetings and they went back their seat and the guy whispered into the MC’s ear. Immediately, the MC announced.
“a special guest is here, a popular blogger, writer , bla bla bla” and “onihaxy” was mentioned. I felt like entering into the ground as I never bargained for such publicity. I had no choice than to stand up and wave at everyone. Immediately, I started hearing murmurs “onihaxy”, “Adebimpe the Facebook girl” ” that guy Na real bad boy.”
People started looking towards my direction and I started feeling shy.

IT was variety time and people were meant to ask the celebrants questions. Someone stood up and asked how they both met?.
The girl said her friend told her about a story and she went online to search for it and the search landed her on the blog. She wanted more updates and decided to be disturbing the guy on whatsapp and that was where and how it started.
The guy also buttress it that it was actually “Adebimpe the Facebook girl” that brought them together and the writer is here in our midst.

Na so Dem call my name again ooo.

The party ended and I felt so love from my fans who are there. I was celebrated like a real celebrity even though I am just an ordinary writer.
People started throwing questions at me from every corner while some pulled me for a selfies.

Shout out to tosin and tolani. The two birthday mates who will be walking down the isle next month. They met through Adebimpe the Facebook girl. Even me wey write am never marry.

I will upload their pictures during the week for you to drop your wishes.
Alot of people have been hooking up via my stories which I know, but this is the first one that I will witness, leading to the alter.

Abeg, if you have any event and you are in Lagos, feel free to invite me, I want to start meeting my fans ooo ooo. Lool. But please NO PUBLICITY. please protect my job abeg.

Shout to all my lovers in Nigeria,
Shout out to all the Facebook page and group admins,
Shout out to all the bloggers posting my stories,
Shout out to my fans in Kenya, Ghana, and other African countries, I do receive your messages and wishes.
Shout out to all ” story stealers ”
Shout out to my fans across the globe, I am humble and saying thanks for the love.

I think I should start preparing for wedding too. Abi what you think?

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Spread the love, please share with friends after reading

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