Tale of cynthia. Episode 11

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Episode 11
I was stammering, he showed me the video and left angrily, since that day kola left home, I didn’t know were he sleeps any longer, we only met at work, I tried greeting him, but he would avoid me, I didn’t know that Cynthia noticed us, I was at work that day, during break time, chatting with Omolara, when Cynthia message me
Cynthia: hi darling
Me: hi dear,
Cynthia: what’s wrong with you and kola,
Me: baby, na long story o
Cynthia: tell me nw
Me: (I explained) so that’s it o
Cynthia: oga o, some girls sha, I will call him, why can’t you tell your girl
Me: haha, she won’t believe me na
Cynthia: so that’s why you are somehow moody, smile now
Me: hmmm
Cynthia: oya look up and smile now
(I looked up and smile)
Me: let chief catch you
Cynthia came that night with kola, kola’s face was still furry, Cynthia was laughing, I can’t laugh, I was looking at the drama going on, Cynthia sat with me on the bed, kola sat on the keg.
Cynthia: (tap me) Dan, tell us what really happen
Me: (I explained) but didn’t allow me to talk before he left angrily,
Kola: why don’t you tell me before, at least, you are my friend
Me: why would i? you might think I’m lying now,
Kola: I can’t , I’m not like you, (facing Cynthia) I caught her saw chatting and laughing, so I snatched the phone from her cus she didn’t concentrate, she was chatting with one man, the man said she enjoyed her,(paused) that when next she’s coming she shouldn’t bother to wear undies, and with different chat with different men, guys, imagine my own partner, then I proceeded to her videos, I saw private video, she password the files, then I remembered she once told me PWD, then I saw my close friend with my girl friend,
Cynthia: kola, just forget it please, please don’t let one girl to destroy your friendship, please, you confirmed it yourself that the girl is a wayward type,
Kola: why didn’t he tell me?
Cynthia: he doesn’t want to destroy your relationship ni now, please, kola(Cynthia was about to kneel for him when kola stop her)
Kola: stop it Cynthia, you be our boss, I’ve heard you, tell him to tell me sorry
Me: I’m sorry sir
We both laughed, kola left the room to pack his cloth from where he was sleeping before,
Me: thank you sister o
Cynthia: who is your sister, (she rose to her fit) I want to be on my way,
I stood up to escort her, but watching her big butt, I grab it
Cynthia: stop jare, don’t let chief fry me, night don come
Me: no mean na
Cynthia: tomorrow, I promise you
I moved closer to her, I squeezed her boobs, she was moaning, I brought out her breast sucking them, she was moaning.’’ese oluwa, ese baba o, ese oluwa, awa dupe baba’’ her phone rang,
Cynthia: that’s chief, guy bye,
She rushed out……………………………………………

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