Tale of cynthia Episode 12

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Episode 12
She message me, when she got home, kola came back home, we went to work together the next day, we were told that we will be having meeting, all what was told in the meeting was just that we will employ new staff some vacant post in the office, and I will be in charge of the application, advert was made on news paper, people start bringing letter, beautiful girls, handsome guys, there was one girl I like out of this applicant Benita by name, she only want to apply for secretary. She’s beautiful, good looking, nice shape, nice ass, and moderate boobs, the day she came to submit the letter, my dick was jacking from the trouser, cus her breast was tempting, I collected the letter from her, she was also looking at me smiling,
Me: I’m Daniel (while bringing out the c.v envelope)
Her: I’m Benita
Me: nice meeting you
Her: the pleasure is all mine sir,
Me: can I have your digit (I brought my phone)
Benita: no problem sir, I just need the job,
I collected her number, I was happy, I can’t wait to bleep the girl, all this thought was going through my mind when I received some whatsapp messages, I sat on my chair,
Cynthia: Dan if I catch you with the girl that just left, you will be in soup, can’t you change for once, you have your gf, I am also here for you, if your gf is not around, I’m I not beautiful enough for you? We are not employing the girl..bye
The other one was from Omolara
Omolara: baby, how are you, how is work, someone called me today from church, telling me to warn my fiancé concerning a particular girl that might lead to death, she said we should fast for 3 days, and you should be careful as well, bye dear, gat to go
I was sad with these messages, I know the girl Lara was talking about will be Cynthia, I message her, but she didn’t reply me, I called 0molara
Omolara: baby
Me: whats up
Omolara: I’m cool, did you see my message
Me: yes, nothing will happen dear, I will be careful
Omolara: ok o, that reminds me, mum and dad want to see you, so come on Saturday o
Me: ha, why
Omolara: just to see you, at least mummy knows you In school then, so dad want to know you, and I also have one surprise for you
Me: whats that, tell me now
Omolara: no, when you come
Me: ok
After work, I went home resting in bed, then I decided to chat with Cynthia, if she would reply me, I hi her and luckily for me, she replied me
Me: then why you no talk before
Cynthia: I sha don reply you,
Me: are you jealous or what?
Cynthia: don’t push me to call your girl, you know I have her num
Me: not up to that now
Cynthia: delete the girl’s number on your phone, if I come and find out you guys are talking, I will tell your babe
I felt sad with this statement,
Me: ok ma
Cynthia: yh, I’m coming on Saturday, tomorrow
Me: I’m traveling to Abeokuta o, Omolara’s Dad want to see me
Cynthia: ok, bye
Me: haha, what’s wrong with you, stop all this.
She didn’t reply me again, I called her, she didn’t pick it, I know she’s jealous, but I can’t loose omolara, I deleted the girl’s num but my heart didn’t delete it, I told kola when he comes in the evening to follow me to Abeokuta, and he agreed, he also gist me about his new catch, he said he’s not ready to stick with one girl for now, but just to be bleeping them.
After eating, was about sleeping when my phone ring, the call was from>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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