Tale of cynthia. Episode 3

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Episode 3
Cynthia: she stood up from her chair, to sit beside me’’ Dan I know you are still mad at me, but I am sorry,
She placed her hand on my shoulder, I couldn’t say a word, I was looking at her, before I know it, we began to kiss each other, I was squishing her soft breast, I put off her pant, while we were on chair, I was about to bleep her when she said stop
Me: why
Cynthia: nothing, but I don’t want to do it, I’m a virgin
Me: you? ‘’I asked in a surprise way
Cynthia: she brings out a bible in her bag and gives it to me’’ take
Me: collected it’’ why
Cynthia: swear that after this sex you won’t leave me
See this girl, I swear cus I was in the mood, i was about to do it again, when she started crying,
Please Daniel, it will hurt, please, let’s do it another time.
I was feeling for her, but when I remember what she did to me, I forgot the mercy, I bleeped her, she was truly a virgin, chai, I was happy throughout that day, feeling like a king, I told kola, he said I shouldn’t have done it, he said I should be careful.
After the Christmas and new year, I plan to give my Cynthia the last visit before going to school, I meet her washing cloth, I helped her in fetching water, after the cloth, she went to take her bath, she was taking her bath, when someone message her, she forgot to lock her phone, I open her whatzapp to read the conversation of the guy that message her
James: baby
Cynthia: yes dear,
James: are you still coming
Cynthia: yes, but don’t act funny today o,
James: haa no o,
Cynthia: I’m still tight, I only did it once
James: no mean na
Cynthia: no o, your dick too big na, I can’t take it
James: it won’t hurt
Cynthia: I’ve heard you, want to wash cloth, and I will call you when coming, buy CD o
James: thanks darling, mum even called me today, she said I should be greeting you
Cynthia: help me greet her, bye.
Chai, I’m not myself again after I read this chat, she noticed me moody, after taking her bath
Cynthia: what’s wrong?
Me: James is waiting for you
She was surprised,
Don’t know you are still the same
I walked out of her house, after some weeks before I went back to school, she came to my place to beg me, I bleep her again, that was when I message her to leave my life alone,, kola mocked me, cus he warned me, she called me when I got to school, but I refused to pick her call, she sent many text to me, begging me, telling me to think of the blood I took from her. I and Lara were back together, she only allowed me to bleep her once in a while after we started talking. I was told Cynthia had gone to school when I asked about her the next time i came home. We left the street to our own house, which was far from that place, I called her many times to apologize to her, but she always ignores my call.
I was posted to delta for my NYSC, while Lara was posted to Kano, Lara was the girl I was dating then, though I’ve bleeped some girls while dating her. i bleep some girls in my camp as well, even the indigene especially Chioma, the girl good die.
After my service, I was managing in one traveling agency company, they were paying me 25k, I and kola, Lara was working in a bank at Abeokuta,
I and kola read about one 1 big company recruiting people, we applied online, and we were told to submit our C.V to the company. i went to the company to submit it, cus we both can’t leave work at same time. The company was big, they deals with loan, insurance company.
Me: morning
Girl; good morning, what can I do for you
Me; please I am here to submit my C.V
Girl; go to that office, you will see a girl sitting by your right hand give it to her
Me: okay.
I went to the office to submit it, I was flabbergasted with what I saw, the girl collecting the C.V was ………………………

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