Tale of cynthia episode 5

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The tale of Cynthia.
A story by Ddex

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Episode 5

We also stop, but we didn’t know she would stop, we were close to her. Cynthia came down from the car, looking furious.
Cynthia: (shouting on top of her voice) what do you people want from me? why trailing me since office
Me: (chai, I don enter am) we are sorry, I want to apologize (I was stammering)
Cynthia: it is already late, you are a devil, you are bad, you ruined my life, and didn’t I beg you? and God will judge you, see what you turned me to (she was crying)
Kola that has been looking at the drama with the bike man had no choice than to burst in to plead on mai behalf
Kola: sister, stop all this curse, see yourself, you are leaving large, you are okay now
Cynthia: may thunder fire both of you, for spoiling my life, God will judge you.
I and kola, left the place dissapointed, she was crying bitterly when we left the place, I was thinking of what could be happening to her for all that drama. We resumed our work the next day as usual.
My boss called me on phone one Thursday morning telling me I would be travelling to Lagos with our client to the embassy with Toyin the secretary, kola would stay behind, all I want is this girl to go with kola, cus she and kola were into something, kola has bleeped this girl many times, both home and office toilet, I got to office with kola.
Me: boss said we are travelling together
Toyin: yes, he told me as well
Me: hope you won’t miss kola o (I said it jokily)
Toyin: o serious (she smiled)
I went to sit at my desk waiting for her, my desk was beside hers in same office, kola’s own was at the other lecture room because we trained our client before they travelled, our office was not that big, but it was okay, my boss rented the office, it was a big shopping complex, so at the edge of each block was an office, we can say it was combination of two shops, we had system on each table to keep data and files and with printing machine, so it makes the work easier for us, we rotate the training between I and kola, our boss only ask them questions on what we’ve taught them on how to answer questions being ask at the embassy, we had like 30 clients then, we have young girls among them, some were married, but processing just to go and meet their husband, and couples also, young guys, old men and women, boss had warned us to do training and nothing else, so we ‘’dear’ not wooing them.
We arrived lag by 3 pm, cos the road was so busy, I informed kola when we arrived there, we were told that we should be at the embassy early morning the next day. We lodge in a nearby hotel, we only paid for ourself (that is myslf and Toyin), the other 15 clients paid for there’s as well. After being showed our rooms, myslf and Toyin decided to stroll, on our way out we were discussing.
Toyin: Dan, I’m missing kola (smiling)
Me: hmmm, tell him to come, I even thought boss will chose you guys while I stay behind
Toyin: I wonder why he did it that way sha
My phone rang, it was one of the client, M.r. Dabiri
Me: hello sir
M.r. Dabiri: Hello, are u busy?
Me: No sir, am just strolling around sir
M.r. Dabiri: k, I jst need you go get me something
Me: Ok sir, and what is that sir
M.r. Dabiri: get me two packs of Condom
Me: sir, con what?
M.r. Dabiri: you heard me na
He hanged up, I told Toyin about what the man said, she was also surprised
Toyin: maybe he don see one sure babe niyen o,
I bought the thing for the man, but I didn’t see any girl beside him, I thought it should be Mrs Judge because those two were very close, I don’t even bother to ask. About 10 p.m, I was in my room, the room was well furnished, with a small T.V, all I could watch is AIT and ltv, to watch dstv channels I will have to go to the reception, I was pressing my phone chattin with Omolara and kola when my boss called me.
Boss: hw ar you
Me: fine sir,
Boss: please tell M.r. Dabiri that he has forgotten his brief case,
Me: haa
Boss: and that’s where he put his cloth, you can borrow him your own, since it’s just an interview
Me: ok sir
Boss: tell Toyin to pick her phone, or is she not with you?
Me: no sir, I wil check her in her room sir
Boss: ok
He hanged up, I went to Toyin’s room, I knocked but no one answer, I was on my way back, when M.r. Dabiri’s door open, I was surprised to see Toyin coming out of his room with wrapper, I couldn’t believe my eyes.
What could be going on, my friend’s G.F,
Kola was not that randy, that’s was his main G.F then, but he stl dey do some underground package wit other girls,
I’m I dreaming? Haha
I trust this girl, even than Lara, she didn’t wear trouser at all,
She couldn’t move, she was looking at me, chai, I left the spot, I delivered boss message, and went to M.r. Dabiri’s room as well, he was sweating, then I belived my eyes, I was relaxing, after I ended my call with Omolara and kola, the hotel’s generating set was off by then, so all I could do was to play music from my phone. All of a sudden I heard a knock,
Me: who is there
Toyin: it’s me Toyin
Me: what do you want, cus I’m already sleeping
Toyin: please now, hear me out
Me: we will see tomorrow
Toyin: stop, Daniel please
I open the door, although my eyes was already lerry, she was still on that wrapper, the nipple of her breast was calling, she was holding one bottle water half drink, she walked in, NEPA brought light, I was happy, cus I want charge my phone, Toyin’s butt was shaking in her wrapper, that’s when I know she was pant less.
Me: what do you want
Toyin: Dan please (she goes on her kneel), don’t tell kola about what you see tonight
Me: (I sat on my bed) you disappoint me, what else do you want this guy to do for you?
Toyin: please, I don’t even know what came over me, and believe me, this is the first time sometin of such will happen between me and that man, he said he want to see me, and he forced himself on me.
Me:(I burst into laughter) haaaa, see if you lie, then I will tell kola, (I paused) he want to see you and he instructed me to buy C.D, do you think I’m stupid or something? Okay good night,
Toyin: Daniel please,
Me: don’t worry I won’t,
Toyin: Promise? (she held my leg)
Me: Yh
Toyin: ok, drink this water, just to calm your body, (stretching the water towards me)
Me: why,
Toyin: please,
I collected the water, drank little out of it and that was all I could remember. I was tired when I woke up in the next day, but I had a terrible dream, in the dream I saw myslf bleeping Toyin, so within me I thought it must be due to the incident that occurred last night, I called my mum to pray for me over it, because she always told us that such dream was bad.
We arrived at the embassy on time, they did the interview, and luckily for them, they were given the visa, we were on our way back home, I was moody, avoiding Toyin, when we reach sir guru maraji.
Toyin: Dan, on your bluetut
Me: why? (frown my face)
Toyin: just on it.
I oned it, she sent a video to me, I open the video, to my surprised it was a video me and Toyin, Toyin was on top on me, she was seriously riding my dick.
Toyin: (she looked at me) you tell him, I show him this.

<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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