Tale of cynthia. Episode 8

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Episode 5
It was Omolara.
Me: hello dear
Lara: what’s wrong with your voice,
Me: nothing jare
Lara: where are you
Me: home
Lara: haha, why? No work?
I explained what happened to Lara, she said I should have begged her, but I didn’t talk, cus I didn’t tell her the reason behind the hatred. I was about sleeping when I heard a knock on my door, it was Ronke, she sat on bed beside me,
Ronke: bro (putting her hand on my body) what’s wrong, you can’t even greet
Me: nothing jare Ronke
Ronke: nothing? what are you doing at home this time
After much pressure from her, I told her, she pity me, cus I explained everything to her, she left, she was later back with food, after eating the food she brought, I rest my head on her shoulder, I was weeping, cus of the job, all I was thinking where will I see that kind job again, she was parting me, she layed me on bed, she slept beside me, we were looking at each other, my head was moving closer to her head, I finally got to kiss her, I was kissing and squishing her boobs, the thing soft die, I removed the bra, I pull off her pant, I insert my dick, chai, the girl was not tight at all, guys don try for her body o. after the bleeping, she looked me in the eye and smiled.
After some weeks, I withdrew all my savings, I rented a shop, I bought some desktop computer, a printer and a generator, Lara gave me some money and kola also borrowed me money to start this business, Ronke was helping me, she helps with photocopies while printing, web surfing and student training was handled by me (as the oga @ the top). My shop was not far from home, Ronke had informed her parent before working with me, I do give her some token, and I was paying her every month, she do come to wait for me in my house, while waiting, our love making is now constant, we do have sex every day before going to shop.
The love between Kola and Toyin was waxing stronger, and I couldn’t talk, I pretended as if nothing happen, kola do gist me about how things were going at work and I do gist him about mine as well. We were at shop on that day when one man alighted from a neat KIA Elentra to my shop.
Me: (I stood up to attend to him) good morning sir,
Man: (stretching his hand to shake me) morning sir
Ronke gave him a chair to sit beside me.
Me: how can I help you sir
Man: yes, I have some project to give you sir, and we will pay you ransomly, (pause) we want to sack some top workers in our company. We ought to have given it to our secretary but she was also involve in this scandal, and we don’t want them to know anything concerning their sack letter, cos we will be handing them over to police as well cus they’ve spent some money in the company, so we have to make it a secret so as prevent them from being aware of this step, so that’s why we need an outsider to do the printing for us,
Me: (sigh) okay, can I get the company’s letter headed paper as well as their names
Man: (he brought out five papers) hmmm, can I get a pen please,
Ronke gave him pen, he wrote the names of the five people, he gave me the list and the papers, chai, it was where I worked before, Cynthia’s place, the last two names was the secretary and the man that do help us home with his car.
Man: so that’s it, when should I come
Me: if you can even wait, I can do it,
Man: no bro, we want you to construct the letter very well, you will even be the one to bring it tomorrow, Saturday morning, but please don’t let anybody know about it.
He gave me the address of where I will bring the letter when done with it. I gave Ronke the documents before escorting the man to his car. On glancing through the documents to her surprise it was a company she knew someone as well.
Ronke: bro dan, I have someone in this company, sister mope
Me: (surprised) mope? I don’t know anybody that’s bears mope when I was working there then o
Ronke: ok sha
I constructed the letter, I didn’t tell kola about it, on Saturday morning, I woke up early, cus the man had called me to meet them at home by 8:00 a.m, I arrived at the place by 7:45a.m, I was led into the house by a hefty guy, his face his scaring, I was scared, I was praying within me, the house was a mansion, as big as an hotel, I was looking all around till we enter the house, I was instructed to sit by another voice.
Voice: and off your phone,
Me: ok sir
I put my phone on silence, I can’t off it, cus I was scared. The house was big and the texture make sense, the television alone was taller than me, one female came out with drinks in her hand, smilling to me, fair lady and beautiful.
Girl: good morning sir, chief said he is coming to attend to you, (she gave me the drinks in her hand)
I collected it, but I couldn’t drink it, I was looking all around when I was hearing conversation from afar until I saw an averagely old man accompanied by the man who gave me the documents, and 2 hefty men stood behind them; I stood up to greet him
Me: good morning sir,
Chief: morning guy, have your sit
I sat down,
Chief: Akin said it was you who help us to print the letter,
Me: yes sir (I couldn’t sit comfortably)
Chief: let me see it,
I gave him the five letters and after the reading it,
Hmmm, good job. (He raised his head to one of the hefty men behind him) tell her to bring the money. The man left.) Young man so where do you work before starting your business.
Me: (chai, it seems this man don get me) hunhun (cleared my throat) I’ve worked with your company before I later stop it to chase my dream of opening my own computer shop.
Chief: I thought as much, cus your face looks familiar, I’ve seen your passport with your credentials, no problem.
The man arrived with the lady I couldn’t imagine of meeting again, Cynthia again?, I was shocked, but I pretended as if I don’t know her, on sighting me, she smiled to the chief, she kissed him, chai so this man is Cynthia’s husband, oga o.
Chief: (facing her) this is the man that helps us with the letter,
Cynthia: I know him now, Daniel abi
Me: yes ma
Cynthia: he was the one I told you about chief, the guy that left angrily, cus I abuse him.
Haa, this girl na something o.
Chief: (exclamate) ohhh, sorry about that bro, she said she has been finding a way to apologize to you since then,
Me: it’s nothing sir,
Chief: is that why you open your own business?
I kept silence, she was smiling at me,
Chief: for this job, cus I was impressed with the way you write that letter, I’m giving you 50k,
Me: sir? (Asked in surprised)
He counted the money, and give it to me,
Chief: give me your account number.
I called it for him, I was surprised when 500k enter my account,
Chief: that’s for the insult my wife gave you that day,
Me: haa. (Prostrating) thank you sir.
Chief: if you want to go back to the company, you can go back
Me: no sir, I’m okay sir.
I left the place, I was happy, i gave Ronke 20k, she was also happy, I waited till Monday for kola to gist me about his working place before I explain the miracle to him, I paid him his remaining money cus I was about to pay it up sef, and I gave him little out of the money. I and kola acquire a land.

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