Tale of cynthia season 2 episode 11

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Episode 11
That was how Daniella and I become S£x partner, to me she is just my S£x machine, but to her, she is my girl, but we both agreed that her mom won’t know anything. We were at home one Saturday inside her apartment and she raised the issue of the person that bleeped her the day she was drunk
Daniella: **she sleep on my lap**or could it be your friend?
Me: haaa, no o,
Daniella: so who
Me: you know what, kola is at home and your gate man, let’s pretend as if we fight for both of them, then go and come back as if you are drunk again,
She did as planned, I heard her voice when she came back, I tip toe outside and was watching the gateman, when the guy helped her in, not long, I heard the gateman shouting, **I’m sorry ma, it was a mistake** she dragged him outside slapping him, beating him,
Daniella: so you are the one, imagine, this thing to me, haa, I’m dome sha
Gateman: please ma,
Daniella: you will rot in jail,
She called the police and the police took the guy away. i went back into my room, I was chatting when I received a message from cynthia
Cynthia: hi
Me: whats up
Cynthia: oga o, Daniel, you of all people, so you can bone me like this,
Me: abi nw
Cynthia: well, my delivery date is drawing near, can we talk? I went to your formal house, I only meet ronke and she explained something’s to me, I didn’t know I’m now a stranger to you
Me: very sorry **I gave her the description
I slept off, she came has promise, I cooked for her, after she finished eating, we talked about life but she said something that amaze me
Cynthia: Daniel, its hard for me to move on
Me: I readjusted myself** what again bai, you are carrying your husband baby for Christ sake
Cynthia: the child is for you, I’m tired of lying to you
Me: haha, are you serious
Cynthia:**she was crying** yes Daniel, I love you, I don’t love him, that is why I feel jealous when I see you with any lady, I was happy when you and Omolara broke up, you might not want to marry me, I know, but I’m happy at least to have a baby for you
I was lost, I didn’t believe my ear, I was looking at her, I felts for her
Cynthia: chief will know one day, so I need to tell you the truth,
Me: (sigh) what if omolara comes back
Cynthia: no problem, just want to inform you, that’s it
Me: ohh God, chief might find out, you can’t lie for ever
Cynthia; **she rose to her feet** when we get to the bridge, we will cross it
She was feeling somehow,
Me: what is it?
Cynthia: **she was squeezing her eyes together ** it seems the baby is coming
Me: **I rose to my feet** ha, what will I tell your husband, what you are doing in my apartment,
Cynthia: find something to say please, please am in pain

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